How hard is it to get a pupillage UK?

How hard is it to get a pupillage UK?

Before doing a pupillage, you must have completed your undergraduate degree or GDL and passed the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) or equivalent. Pupillages are notoriously difficult to secure and are often a source of frustration for many budding barristers looking to take the next step in their legal career.

How do you get a mini pupillage?

To apply for mini-pupillages, you will normally need to send a copy of your latest CV and a covering letter addressed specifically to the chamber you’re applying to. Some chambers may have online applications you will need to submit instead, but all the details should be available at the respective chambers’ websites.

How do you get good at pupillage?

12 tips on how to secure pupillage

  1. Keep trying, even if you receive no offers.
  2. If you can’t find pupillage, go to a law firm.
  3. There’s a reason why pupillage interviews can seem strange.
  4. Make your application stand out from the crowd.
  5. Explain why you’ve chosen this chambers.
  6. Mini-pupillages are great.

What are the chances of getting pupillage?

The chances of getting an offer were 1 in 20 for first-time applicants, but 1 in 10 for those applying a second, third or fourth time.

Is it hard to get mini pupillage?

They are a short version of a pupillage which can run from anything between one day to two weeks. However, like pupillages, they are hard to obtain. You can find out if a chambers offers mini-pupillages by simply accessing their website.

Who is eligible for a mini pupillage?

The majority of sets mentioned below state that mini-pupillages are intended for those who have already studied some law – i.e. second-year law students and above and GDL students and above. Exceptions may be made, for example for those intending to begin the GDL in the following academic year.

How many times can I apply for pupillage?

Applicants may submit up to 20 applications through the Pupillage Gateway.

How do I prepare for a pupillage interview?

Nine essential tips to help you ace a pupillage interview

  1. Find out which gates of the Inns of Court are open.
  2. Consider the consequences of not being yourself.
  3. Read your pupillage application again.
  4. Consider how changes in the law apply to practice.
  5. Consider how changes in the world apply to the law.

Do you get paid for a mini pupillage?

While all sets featured in Chambers Student offer minis, be aware that some only offer them as part of the pupillage application process rather than to a broader audience. Minis are usually unpaid, though travel and accommodation expenses may be covered.

Can you get a pupillage without a mini pupillage?

Other chambers offer assessed mini-pupillages but do not insist that potential pupils take one. Most sets offer either only assessed mini-pupillages or only unassessed mini-pupillages but a few offer both, so make sure you are clear about who offers what and what you are applying for.

Can you start pupillage without being called?

What status does a pupil have if they haven’t been Called yet? A person can use the term “pupil” but will not be permitted to use the title “Pupil Barrister” until they have been Called to the Bar. Until they are Called, conduct remains a matter for the relevant Inn.

What do you wear to a pupillage interview?

Our sources agreed there are three options for women interviewing for training contracts or pupillages: a skirt suit, a trouser suit or a plain dress with a jacket. In every case the jacket has to button up comfortably. If your top and bottoms don’t match, at least make sure colours and fabrics don’t clash.

How many times can you apply for pupillage?

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