Is JK wall putty is waterproof?

Is JK wall putty is waterproof?

JKC ShieldMaxX is a white cement based Universal Waterproof Putty with Active SiH4 Molecules. Its ready to use property makes it suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. The advanced formulation of the product protects the walls from dampness. It also provides a velvet like finish along with higher coverage.

Is JK wall putty good?

A:It is a very good wall putty. The wall will get a good finish. As it is cement based it is very strong as well water proof.

What is the coverage of JK wall putty?

35 sqft./mm
achievable coverage of 35 sqft./mm/kg of JK Wall Putty. However, actual coverage achieved depends on the base surface condition and finished thickness.

Is primer necessary before putty?

Is Primer necessary before Wall Putty? Yes. If acrylic wall putty is being used then a primer coat is recommended before and after application of the putty. In case of cement-based putties or Polymer putty a coat of primer is recommended after application of the putty.

How do you make putty waterproof?

Mixing ratio: Slowly add 1 kg of Waterproof putty with 36-38% clean water (1Kg putty+360-380 ml water) to make paste. Mixing should be carried out by preferably mechanical stirrer (3-5 minutes) to obtain a creamy consistency. Leave the paste for 5 minutes after thorough mixing to get best results.

Can we mix Dr Fixit with wall putty?

A water based epoxy coating for treating internal dampness on walls and ceilings. It can be also used to fill cracks by mixing with white cement and as putty by mixing with OPC or white cement in high damp areas.

Which is better Birla or JK putty?

Birla wall care putty is most competitive in terms of price, quality, distribution in market, bonding, high coverage, resistant to water after drying, waterproof, water based mixing and easy in application.

Which brand wall putty is best?

JK Cement. JK is one of the best brands that offer quality putty in India. As a matter of fact, wall putty from JK can be one of the best alternative solutions for all your problems. This putty is the best solution if you are looking for alkali-resistant primers and paints.

How much putty is needed for a 12×12 room?

As per application & labour skill, 1 kg of wall putty gives 14 to 16 sq ft coverage in two coats & 8 to 12 square feet coverage in 3 coats, under standard conditions.

How much area can 1 kg wall putty cover?

Once you have your wall area figured out, you need to start by making your putty slurry. Now, 1 kg of Birla White WallCare Putty spreads approximately 20-22 square feet of surface area and coverage of 1.86-2.04 square meters per kg.

Can I paint directly on putty?

Therefore, when applied over exterior or interior walls of a home, application of wall putty can create a smooth undulation free surface for a beautiful paint finish.

Can you paint directly over putty?

Pick away any loose putty. Press carefully with a knife between the putty and the wood – never towards the glass! Prime the window frame with oil and paint. Wait until the primer has dried before starting to apply the putty with a putty knife.

Which waterproof putty is best?

Birla White’s Wallseal Waterproof Putty is certified as ‘Best Waterproof Putty’ by Karvy Insights Limited. Birla White recently launched Wallseal Waterproof Putty, a white cement-based putty exhibiting two times water resistance.

Does wall putty absorb water?

Packaging Quality – WallCare putty tends to absorb moisture from the air over time, thereby lowering down its effectiveness. Therefore, it becomes essential to check its packaging quality and opt only for best wall-putty brands available in the market.

Which Dr Fixit is best for putty?

FIXIT 201 Crack X Paste, Ready to use crack filler for internal & external surface cracks on roofs,wall, Flexible Putty with excellent bonding – 1Kg.

Which Dr Fixit is best for plaster?

To get good bonding between new & old plaster surface, use Dr. Fixit Pidicrete MPB, an acrylic bonding agent. While making plaster, add Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ to impart waterproofing to the plaster.

What is the cost of JK wall putty?

JK Wall Putty is sold by Bag. Price per piece ranges from Rs 400 to Rs 1,100. On Indiamart, most of the products are available from Rs 400 to Rs 800 per Piece.

Which is best waterproof putty?

What area does 1 Litre of paint cover?

between 6 and 6.5 metres squared
As a general rule, 1 litre of paint will cover between 6 and 6.5 metres squared of wall. So, to calculate how many litres of paint you will need, divide the total paintable surface area by 6.5.

How is putty price calculated?

1 bag of wall putty have 40 kg,so 1 bag (40kg) wall putty coverage area is 45 – 56 sq m for 2 coating & 30 – 45 sq m for 3 coating. consider labour cost approx rs 2 per sq ft for 2 coating wall putty. Cost of wall putty is rs 3.5 per sq ft including material and labour cost for 2 coat.

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