What is pumpkin called in Punjabi?

What is pumpkin called in Punjabi?

The pumpkin is called kaddu in Punjabi.

What is gonglu in English?

gōng lǚ to carry out a task personally to take responsibility for.

What is turnip in Punjabi?

Pronunciation. IPA: tɜrnəpPunjabi: ਟਰ੍ਨਪ / ਟਰ੍ਨਿਪ Practice.

What is Ghia in English?

Bottle gourd, opo squash, White gourd. Lauki, ghia.

What is the Hindi name of pumpkin?

/ˈpʌmpkɪn ˈपम्प्किन्/ Word forms: pumpkins. variable noun. A pumpkin is a large, round, orange-coloured vegetable with a thick skin. कद्दू mn.

What is chibber called in English?

चिब्बड़=Melothria scabra, also known as the cucamelon The very popular vegetable of chibber, which is used for soup, juice, sauce, and also eaten directly for various health reasons is called Melothria scabra, or cucamelon. Post Views: 3,291.

What is aubergine Punjabi?

Baingan is the Hindi for eggplant/aubergine, which is native to the Indian subcontinent in southern Asia.

What is Satputia?

Satputia: This is a cultivar of Bihar, which is hermaphrodite in sex form and it produces smaller fruits in clusters. In each cluster 5-7 fruits are borne. Fruits are pale-green in colour. Average yield 20-25 tonnes/ha. It is mainly grown in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

What is Guinya?

Ghuiya ( घुइया) is a edible root part of Colocasia . This is a vegetable commonly known as arooi, arvi, arbi, etc in different regional languages.

What’s kaddU in English?

pumpkin variable noun. A pumpkin is a large, round, orange-coloured vegetable with a thick skin. /kaddu, kaddU, kaddoo, kaddū, kddu, kddU, kddoo, kddū/

What is pumpkin called in Gujarati?

English to Gujarati Meaning :: pumpkin. Pumpkin : કોળું Pronunciation: Add to Favorite: noun : કોળું Pumpkin – કોળું Pumpkin :: કોળું Pumpkins :: કોળા

What is the meaning of pumpkin in Urdu?

Pumpkin Meaning in English to Urdu is لوکی, as written in Urdu and Loki, as written in Roman Urdu. There are many synonyms of Pumpkin which include Fruit, Gourd, Squash, Vine, Pepo, etc.

What is Chibber Punjabi?

Chhibber (Punjabi ਛਿੱਬਰ, Hindi छिब्बर) alternatively Chibber, is a Mohyal clan from the Punjab region. They are one of the seven clans of the Mohyal Brahmin of the Punjab.

How do you cook Indian eggplant?

Prick the eggplant with a thin-blade knife. Grill over or next to very high heat, turning as necessary until the skin is blackened and the eggplant collapses. Or broil, or roast on a heated cast-iron pan in the hottest possible oven. It will take about 20 minutes.

What is Chirand slang?

“Chirand” word, a slang used in modern colloquial language means an utterly useless fellow. It actually means the wood shavings left over after the wood logs have been shaved to get the best texture of the wood and can’t be put to any appropriate use.

What is Arbi called in up?

Pradesh Taro Root
Uttar Pradesh Taro Root (Arbi), Packaging Type: Gunny Bag.

What is pumpkin called in Pakistan?

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