What kind of screw is a M6?

What kind of screw is a M6?

metric 6 mm screw
M6 refers to a metric 6 mm screw. The outside diameter of the threads is 6 mm. The standard metric rack screw is actually an M6 x 0.1 mm. The number 0.1 mm refers to 0.1 threads per millimeter.

What lengths do M6 screws come in?

Standard Thread Length for Bolts | Metric

Bolt Diameter 125mm and Shorter Longer Than 125mm
M5 16 22
M6 18 24
M7 20 26
M8 22 28

What size is M6 hex?

about 6mm
Hex bolts are six sided hexagonal fasteners, which are available in various designs, including a flange type or a socket type. The metric designation of an M6 Hex Bolt indicates that its diameter is about 6mm.

How are M6 screws measured?

You can identify an M6 screw by measuring the diameter with a ruler. It’ll be 6 mm, or slightly more than 7/32 inches (0.228″).

What is the size of M6?

M6 refers to a metric 6mm screw. The outside diameter of the threads is 6mm.

Is the M6 a 10mm?

M6 (6mm x 10mm) Hex Socket Cap Screw (Bolt) – Steel (Pack of 20)

What size socket is M6?


7.00 M4 x 0.7 M4 x 0.7
8.00 M5 x 0.8 M5 x 0.8
10.00 M6 x 1 M6 x 1
13.00 M8 x 1.25 M8 x 1.25

How are metric bolts measured?

Metric Bolt Lengths Socket head, pan head, button head and hex head bolts are measured from the underside of the bolt head to the end of the shaft. For flat head bolts, the length includes the bolt head height and for dome head bolts the length is measured from the thickest, highest point on the curved head.

What size is a 6mm screw?

Metric Imperial Screw Conversion Chart

Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Closest Imperial Size Gauge x Length
6mm 75 12 x 3
80 12 x 3 1/4
90 12 x 3 1/2
100 12 x 4

What do metric screw numbers mean?

Taking a closer look at this description, let’s explore its meaning: M = This designates the fastener is a metric size. 10 = The nominal diameter in millimeters. 1.0 = The thread pitch, or distance between threads, in millimeters. 20 = The fastener’s length, in millimeters.

What MM is M6?

Metric clearance and tapping drill hole sizes.

Size Clearance Hole mm Tapping Drill (fine pitch)
M5 5.5
M6 6.5 5.25 mm
M8 9 7 mm
M10 11 9.0 or 8.75 mm

What is a M6x10 screw?

M6x10 Flat Head Cap Screw. Thread Size: 6 mm. Length: 10 mm .393 inch. Material: Zinc plated, 10.9 Metric Grade.

How do you measure a M6 bolt?

How are metric screws sized?

Metric nuts and bolts are commonly referenced using ‘M’ sizes, for example: M3, M8, M12. But the size of a metric fastener is more accurately specified using diameter, pitch and length dimensions, in millimeters. For nuts the size dimensions used are simply diameter and pitch.

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