What size are flywheel bolts on SBC?

What size are flywheel bolts on SBC?

7/16-20 X .900
Product Specifications

Callout Size: 7/16-20 X .900
Material: Steel
Metric Or SAE: SAE
Thread Diameter: 7/16
Thread Pitch: 20 in

Are flywheel bolts the same as flexplate bolts?

Flywheel bolts and flexplate bolts both have thin heads. The difference is only the length. You shouldn’t use the wrong ones – too long and they hit the back of the block, too short and they won’t hold the flywheel.

What are the torque specs for a 350 Chevy flywheel?

Small Block Chevy Torque Specs

Fastener Type Torque Spec
Harmonic Damper Bolt 60 ft.-lbs.
Flywheel/Flexplate Bolts 65 ft.-lbs.
Pressure Plate Bolts 35 ft.-lbs.
Bellhousing Bolts 25 ft.-lbs.

How long are SBC Flexplate bolts?

The flexplate to crank bolts are 7/16″ fine thread. I was talking about the converter to flexplate bolts, which are 3/8-16 and 5/8″ long.

What grade are ARP flywheel bolts?

ARP offers two styles of Flywheel bolts: premium grade Pro Series, with a 200,000 psi rating and High Performance, with a 180,000 psi rating.

What size are Flexplate bolts?

Measuring 7/16-20 X 11/16, these flex plate bolts are grade 8 black oxide-plated for corrosion resistance and include security lock washers.

Can you reuse ls1 flywheel bolts?

The OEM flywheel bolts are not TTY, so there’s no danger in reusing them.

How tight should flywheel bolts be?

DO NOT use a washer with this flywheel bolt. Tighten all bolts evenly, ¼ turn at a time in a crisscross pattern until flywheel is completely drawn-up to the crankshaft.

Can an unbalanced flywheel cause damage?

If your flywheel becomes too worn out or damaged, there will be some noticeable symptoms that you won’t be able to ignore. Do not let these symptoms carry on for too long or else it will impact the overall drivability of the vehicle.

What is the torque spec for flywheel bolts?

What torque should flywheel bolts be?

Tighten all bolts evenly, ¼ turn at a time in a crisscross pattern until flywheel is completely drawn-up to the crankshaft. Torque all bolts in 3 steps: First to 35 ft/lbs. then 80 ft/lbs.

What grade is a flywheel bolt?

What size are the torque converter bolts?

M10-1.50 x 15mm, fits GM TH-350/700/400/200, 4L60, 4L60E,4L80E, 3L80 B78.

How long are SBC flexplate bolts?

Can I reuse Ford flywheel bolts?

All of the documentation that I found indicated the flywheel bolts are torque to yield, and not reusable.

Can you use old flywheel bolts?

I’ve always reused the bolts and never had a problem. I just clean them up on the wire wheel, put some locktite on them and torque em down.

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