Where can I park for free in Basingstoke?

Where can I park for free in Basingstoke?

Free car parks in Basingstoke

  • Winchester Road Whitchurch.
  • Bell Street Whitchurch.
  • Church Street Whitchurch.
  • London Road Overton.
  • Anchor Road Kingsclere.
  • Jibbs Meadow Bramley.

How much does it cost to park in Festival Place Basingstoke?

Parking for Festival Place Basingstoke, includes easy access to Basingstoke Town Centre and Train Station….Car Parking Charges.

Up to 1 hour £1.50
2 hours £3.00
8 hours £9.50
9 hours £11.50
24 hours £16.00

Is Crossborough Hill car park free?

**** Crossborough Hill car park: 28 bays are available free for up to three hours if using the leisure facilities in the War Memorial Park….Location of car parks.

Short stay
Crossborough Hill**** RG21 4AG Spaces 78
Disabled bays 0

Can you park overnight at Basingstoke train station?

Maximum Stay: 7 Days. You do not need to pay for parking in this car park if you stay less than 20 minutes.

Is disabled parking free at Festival Place?

Blue badge holders, who have registered in advance for concessionary parking, can gain free entry and exit to this car park with their pass card….Car parks for Blue Badge holders.

Name of car park Number of Blue Badge bays
Festival Place 118**
Haymarket Yard 4
Jacobs Yard 2
Joices Yard 6

Are dogs allowed in Festival Place Basingstoke?

10. All animals are excluded, except for assistance dogs.

How do I pay for parking at Basingstoke train station?

On-street parking Parking in and around Basingstoke station is never hard; the streets have plenty of spaces for you to park. Parking charges will always vary depending on the time, and you can pay with cash or a debit card at pay and display machines. Costs may vary on weekends and holidays.

Does Basingstoke have a park and ride?

Basingstoke has 1 Park and Ride site based at the town’s leisure facility. The easiest way to reach Basingstoke city centre is by using Park and Ride. Centre Shuttle is Basingstoke’s bus service that links the Leisure Park with the town centre, train station and Basing View until late into the evening.

Are dogs allowed in Festival Mall?

There are wide spaces for dogs to walk and play around in. It’s close to Alabang Town Center and Festival Mall, so why not pop in and surprise your little friend? As always, be a responsible pet owner. Make them wear nappies and clean up after them.

How many shops does festival place have?

Festival Place is a 1.1m sq ft shopping centre situated in the centre of Basingstoke, just off the M3, housing over 140 big brand stores including Debenhams, Next, Marks & Spencer, Apple, H&M, and Jack Wills.

How long can you stay at short stay?

How long is Short Stay parking? Most Short Stay car parks are available for booking from a few hours up to 16 days, and you’ll often find they are very close to the terminal.

What is short term parking?

Short-term airport parking is usually chosen when you’ll be away for less than a week and need to park your car at the airport parking lot. Also, if you’re picking up or dropping off someone at the airport, this is the parking you can use.

How far is Basingstoke hospital from train station?

Train stations near Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke And Deane

Station Name Distance
Basingstoke 32 min walk VIEW

Can I bring my dog in SM supermarket?

We do allow dogs and cats as long as pet owners carry them 🙂 Reading the policy; it states you allow pets as long as they are hand carried, placed in a carrier or leashed… but it doesnt specify whether they are allowed to walk around on the floor while they are on a leash. Please properly clarify this.

Are pets allowed in supermarkets?

Sadly though, no major grocery store chains allow pets inside, unless they are service animals. This is mainly due to local, state, and federal health code rules, which prohibit animals from being indoors wherever food is sold.

Who owns Basingstoke Festival Place?

Real estate firm AEW, which acquired Festival Place in Basingstoke in December last year, is undertaking a number of new initiatives to enhance the 1.1 million sq ft shopping centre. These will include improvements to St John’s Square and the quality and efficiency of the car park.

What’s Basingstoke like for shopping?

It’s home to more than 160 big name stores, including Jack Wills, Next, Fat Face, Marks & Spencer, Apple, H&M, New Look, Pandora and Swarovski.

Is T3 carpark free?

Changi Airport T1 & T3 Will Reopen To The Public With Free Parking.


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