Who is on top in Serie A?

Who is on top in Serie A?


  • Inter.
  • Napoli.
  • Juventus.
  • Lazio.
  • Roma.
  • Fiorentina.
  • Atalanta.
  • Who is Serie A top scorer 2021?

    Ciro Immobile
    Serie A top goalscorers: 2021/22 season | Italian top flight

    Position Player Goals
    1st Ciro Immobile 27
    2nd Dusan Vlahovic 24
    3rd Lautaro Martinez 21
    4th Giovanni Simeone 17

    How many teams qualify for Europa League from Italy?

    two clubs
    Based on Serie A’s UEFA coefficient ranking, the Italian association will have three representatives in the Europa League: the winner of the Coppa Italia and the two clubs that finish highest in Serie A that do not qualify for the Champions League (i.e. fifth and sixth).

    Who is the highest goalscorer in Italy?

    Gigi Riva
    Gigi Riva is the top scorer in the history of Italy with 35 goals.

    Who is the best striker in Serie A 2021?

    #1 Dusan Vlahovic The Fiorentina striker put up a great fight with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku for the Serie A Golden Boot last season. His return of 21 goals and two assists in 37 games was the fourht-best recorded in the Italian top flight last season.

    Who is Serie A top scorer 2020 2021?

    Serie A best goal scorers 2020/2021

    # Player Goals
    1. Cristiano Ronaldo 29
    2. Romelu Lukaku 24
    3. Luis Muriel 22
    4. Dusan Vlahovic 21

    Who was the last Italian team to win Champions?

    Inter Milan
    Reigning champions Real Madrid have won the UEFA Champions League 14 times, making them the most successful team in the UCL. Italian club AC Milan are next with seven….UEFA Champions League winners list.

    Season UCL champion Runners up
    2009-10 Inter Milan (Italy) Bayern Munich (Germany)

    Who is the greatest Italian striker?

    Silvio Piola. With 30 goals in 34 appearances, Silvio Piola is undoubtedly the most prolific striker ever to represent Italy, and his record would surely be greater were it not for the outbreak of World War Two. Top scorer for Italy as they lifted the title in 1938, he truly was one of the best Italy has ever had.

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