Who is the current world champion in carrom?

Who is the current world champion in carrom?

2018 Carrom World Cup

Tournament information
Champions Sri Lanka (Men) India (Women)
1st runners-up India (Men) Sri Lanka (Women)
2nd runners-up France (Men) Maldives (Women)
2022 →

Who won the World carrom Championship 2012?

Wannakuwatte Waduge Dinesh Nishantha Fernando is a Sri Lankan carrom player and a former world number one carrom player. Fernanado was a National Carrom champion in Sri Lanka, who became a Carrom World champion in Men’s singles event in 2012 by defeating C. Bharathi Dhasan of India 25–4, 25–10 in the finals.

Who is the best carrom player in the world?

Anthony Maria Irudayam (born 1956 in Chennai, India) is a two-time World Carrom Champion and nine-time national champion of India. He was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award, a sporting honour presented by the Government of India, in 1996. As of 2007, he is the only person to have received the award for carrom.

Who won the World carrom Championship 2019?

Irshad Ahmed of India beat world champion Prashant More 2–1 to claim the title. This tournament was Irshad Ahmed’s first International.

Who is Haji Ali agariya?

Haji Ali Agariya is a social media influencer who is popular as “Carrom King.”

Who is first carrom King India?

Meet the Carrom King Haji Ali Agariya.

Who is the father of carrom?

player B Bangaru Babu
Veteran administrator and carrom player B Bangaru Babu, who has served the game for decades, is in bad shape financially. Regarded as ‘Father of Carrom’ in the country, 90-year-old Babu has been an administrator par excellence and single-handedly organised carrom tournaments, including international ones.

Is carrom played in Olympics?

Is carrom played in the Olympics? This lack of popularity is one of the major reasons why carrom board olympics is not featured in the Olympic Games. The likelihood of Carrom becoming a part of Asian games or Commonwealth events is still a possibility.

Who is real carrom King?

Meet the Carrom King Haji Ali Agariya. His exploits will leave you spellbound.

Who is carrom King?

Who is Haji Ali carrom King?

Haji Ali Agariya is also famous or called Carrom King/Badshah. He is an Indian carrom player also TikTok as well as a social media influencer. Haji is famous for posting new tricks with carrom.

Is carrom in the Olympics?

Carrom is not included in the Commonwealth Games or Olympics now.

Where was carrom born?

The game of carrom originated in India. One carrom board with its surface made of glass is still available in one of the palaces in Patiala, India. It became very popular among the masses after World War I.

Is carrom a international game?

In India, The International Carrom Federation(ICF) was formed in Chennai, India in 1988, and the formal rules for the Indian version of the carrom game were also published in the same year. Now, the carrom game has become popular in South Asia, Arabia, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Is Haji Ali carrom King Real?

Haji Ali Agariya is well known for his Carrom Playing short videos in Social Media reels….

Haji Ali Agariya Wiki, Age
Called Name Carrom King
Real Name Haji Ali Agariya
Nick Name Carrom King
Profession Tiktok star, Carrom Player, Social media influencer

Who invented carrom?

the Indian maharajas
The carrom was originated in the 18th century, invented by the Indian maharajas. From many generations, the carrom board game has been played. After the First World War, the game of carrom board gained more popularity.

Who is Indian carrom King now?

Who is the carrom King of India?

An injury forced him to drop football and shift his attention to carrom and Anthony Maria Irudayam went on to become the undisputed King of the game in India. A two-time World champion and an Arjuna Awardee, the carrom legend deserves a lot more recognition.

Is carrom popular in USA?

While this board game has always been popular in Asia and the Far East, carrom is becoming more and more popular in the U.S., with larger tournaments and competitions, bigger prizes, and many more clubs.

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