Are Danica and Crystal McKellar half sisters?

Are Danica and Crystal McKellar half sisters?

Crystal and her sister Danica both maintained professional acting careers as children, but kept a strong emphasis on education. As a result, Crystal became a corporate lawyer, while Danica majored in mathematics. Danica and Crystal also have two half-brothers, Chris Junior and Connor McKellar.

Is Becky Slater Winnie’s sister?

For the McKellars, ‘The Wonder Years’ Was a Family Affair: Not did Danica McKellar play sweet girl-next-door Winnie Cooper, but her sister Crystal played recurring character Becky Slater, who had a crush on, and simultaneously bullied Kevin Arnold.

Why did Danica McKellar leave The Wonder Years?

Following the conclusion of “The Wonder Years,” McKellar took time away from acting to study math, per USA Today. In 1998, she graduated summa cum laude from UCLA. “I didn’t think I ‘looked the part’ of someone who could excel in math, even though I loved it and did very well in high school.

How old is Danica McKellar in The Wonder Years?

47 years (January 3, 1975)Danica McKellar / Age

Does Danica McKellar have Phd?

Picking up her education where she left off, McKellar enrolled in graduate school. In 2005, she received her Ph. D. in mathematics from the University of Chicago.

Did Winnie and Kevin ever date in real life?

Though they never officially dated, Savage and McKellar were extremely close, and they did have crushes on one another points while filming the six-season series. In the pilot episode, when Kevin and Winnie share their first kiss, it was the first kiss for Savage and McKellar as well.

How old is crystal McKellar?

45 years (August 16, 1976)Crystal McKellar / Age

Is Crystal McKellar married?

Michael ScafatiCrystal McKellar / Spouse

Is Crystal mckellar married?

Who is Danica Mckellar’s sister?

Crystal McKellarDanica McKellar / Sister

How old is crystal mckellar?

Who are Danica Mckellar’s children?

Draco VertaDanica McKellar / Children

Does Danica McKellar have a college degree?

University of California, Los Angeles1998
Harvard-Westlake SchoolYoung Actors SpaceLee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute
Danica McKellar/Education

Who is Danica Mckeller’s husband?

Scott Svesloskym. 2014
Mike Vertam. 2009–2013
Danica McKellar/Husband