Did Samuel L. Jackson voice Mace Windu in Clone Wars?

Did Samuel L. Jackson voice Mace Windu in Clone Wars?

Windu was portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson in the prequel trilogy. Jackson reprised the role in the 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars and with voice only in the 2019 film The Rise of Skywalker, whilst Terrence C. Carson voiced the character in other projects, such as The Clone Wars television series.

Is Samuel L. Jackson a Star Wars fan?

Biography. Jackson was offered the role of Windu after he announced on a radio program that he was a fan of the films. Prior to the release of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, Jackson stated in an interview that his death scene would not have him “going out like a punk.”

Was Samuel L. Jackson in Star Wars A New Hope?

Jackson starred as Mace Windu in three Star Wars films – The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith – before reprising the role in the 2008 animation Star Wars: The Clone Wars and making a voice cameo in 2019’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Did George Lucas say Mace Windu is alive?

Even if Jackson and Lucas had determined that Windu survived after we last saw him in Revenge of the Sith, there’s nothing that happened in the canon of the Star Wars universe (before everything that belonged to Lucasfilm was handed over to Disney) that indicated he may have survived.

Did Mace Windu show up in Mandalorian?

Sure, Mace Windu winding up in The Mandalorian is a long shot—Samuel L. Jackson, while incredibly game, is a busy man. But it might make sense in the greater timeline. Obi-Wan Kenobi is set a decade after the prequel trilogy ends—and Windu’s presumed death.

Is Samuel L. Jackson returning as Mace Windu?

He agreed with the host that Mace Windu is still out there “somewhere”, albeit one-handed. On returning to the series himself, Jackson added, “The only person I’ve ever said that to about coming back is Bryce Dallas Howard. I just did a movie with her, and she directs episodes of The Mandalorian.

Is Lando Calrissian Mace Windu’s son?

Finn is not only Lando Calrissian’s son but Mace Windu’s grandson. Mace Windu could have had a child several years before the Clone Wars, then hiding him (Lando) on Cloud City to keep Lando safe as Mace knew that the Sith were nearby and building strength.

Does Mace Windu ever return?

When Samuel L. Jackson was asked if there’s any possibility that Mace Windu will return to Star Wars on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused interview, he responded and highlighted Bryce Dallas Howard: “Definitely.

Is Finn the son of Mace Windu?

Is Mace Windu alive in Star Wars?

Mace Windu’s death in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith saw him flung out of the window of Palpatine’s Coruscant skyscraper after a deadly barrage of Force lightning and Skywalker slicing off his hand. Although the scene was intended to unambiguously show Windu’s death, he could have hypothetically survived.

Will Mace Windu be in Mandalorian?

Jackson dropped a major hint that he wants Jedi Master Mace Windu to return in The Mandalorian, and Bryce Dallas Howard just seemingly confirmed it.