How did Crown Prince of Dubai died?

How did Crown Prince of Dubai died?

According to the United Arab Emirates state news agency WAM, Rashid died of a heart attack on the morning of 19 September 2015. He was 33 years old.

What is the name of the newly established hospital by Sheikh Muhammad in the UAE?

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum tweeted, “Today, we announce plans to establish the ‘Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Charity Hospital’ to provide free cancer care for people in need. Spanning 50,000 square meters, the 250-bed capacity hospital will treat 30,000 patients a year.”

Who is the wife of Prince of Dubai?

Sheikha Sheikha bint Saeed
In 2021, Sheikh Hamdan became a first-time father – to twins. The Crown Prince and his wife, Sheikha Sheikha bint Saeed, welcomed a boy and a girl, Rashid and Sheikha, in May.

How many beds does Latifa hospital have?

Latifa Hospital
Beds 367
Speciality Women, children
Opened 1986 as Al Wasl Hospital

When was MBRU established?

On June 9th 2016, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum signed the establishment decree of MBRU.

How can I get appointment for Dubai hospital?

Appointments can be obtained personally by attending the outpatient counter in ground floor, through telephone appointments extension: 042196091 (from 07:30am to 14:30PM- Sunday to Thursday), through Primary Health Centers, other DHA hospitals, or Ward staff in case of inpatients that might need follow-up appointments …

Who is richest royal family?

List of royalty by net worth

Rank Name Net worth
1 Vajiralongkorn $43 billion — $30 billion
2 Hassanal Bolkiah $28 billion — $20 billion
3 Salman of Saudi Arabia $18 billion
4 Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan $15.0 billion