What is happiness in other languages?

What is happiness in other languages?

American English: happiness /ˈhæpinɪs/ Arabic: سَعَادَة Brazilian Portuguese: felicidade. Chinese: 快乐 Croatian: sreća.

How do you say happiness in Africa?

Furaha (fuh-ra-haa) – ‘happiness’ or ‘rejoice’

How do you say happy in many languages?

  1. Bosnian: sretan. Bulgarian: щастлив Catalan: feliç Cebuano: malipayon. Chinese (Simplified): 快乐 Chinese (Traditional):
  2. Indonesian: senang. Irish: sásta. Italian: contento. Japanese: ハッピー Javanese: seneng. Kannada:
  3. Polish: szczęśliwy. Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil): feliz. Punjabi: ਖੁਸ਼ Romanian: fericit. Russian: счастливый

What is the synonym of joy?

delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, gladness, glee, exhilaration, ebullience, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, transports of delight, rapture, radiance.

What is beautiful in all languages?

“Beautiful” isn’t just for lovers either, saying it to your children, mom, or best friend totally works, too.

  • Afrikaans: “pragtige”
  • Albanian: “bukur”
  • Arabic: “hellwa”
  • Belarusian: “pryhožaja”
  • Bosnian: “lijepa”
  • Bulgarian: “krasiv”
  • Catalan: “bonica”
  • Chinese: “Meilì”

What is haengbok?

Happiness in Korean To say ‘happiness’ in Korean, you can say 행복(haengbok) or 기쁨 (gippeum).

What’s a word for beyond happy?

ecstatic. adjectivevery happy, blissful. athrill. beatific. blissful.

What is the Sanskrit word for serenity?

Passaddhi is a Pali noun (Sanskrit: prasrabhi, Tibetan: ཤིན་ཏུ་སྦྱང་བ་,Tibetan Wylie: shin tu sbyang ba) that has been translated as “calmness,” “tranquillity,” “repose” and “serenity.” The associated verb is passambhati (to calm down, to be quiet).

What is grace in Sanskrit?

The characteristic Sanskrit word for grace is prasada, meaning “favor.” Other Sanskrit words of similar meaning in Hinduism include daya, meaning sympathy, graciousness and tenderness; Kripa, indicating grace in the sense of compassion; and anugraha, meaning loving-kindness—a key term in the drama of salvation.

What is paradise in other languages?

American English: paradise /ˈpærədaɪs/ Arabic: جَنَةٌ Brazilian Portuguese: paraíso. Chinese: 天堂 Croatian: raj.

What does Kaja mean in Korea?

가자 (gaja) is how you most commonly say let’s go in Korean.