Where can I find a gyro for Sorine Jurard?

Where can I find a gyro for Sorine Jurard?

Dwemer Ruins
Recruit Sorine Jurard Sorine’s Satchel containing seven Dwemer gyros can be found at the unmarked location Dwemer Ruins: Druadach, on the river bank nearby, about three paces south east towards the river near a tree rooted in the rock. Alternatively, any Dwemer gyro collected prior to meeting her will suffice.

Where can I get a gyro in Skyrim?


  • Dwemer ruins.
  • Dwarven storeroom next to Mzulft.
  • In Sorine Jurard’s satchel found near the river where she is first encounteredDG
  • Shimmermist Grotto.
  • Hrodulf’s House, down the trap door, behind the bookcase.

Can you marry serana?

The only way to marry Serana or any other vampire is through the use of a mod. This guide instructs you on how to download and use the popular “Marriable Serana” mod by C0drm0nk33. Make sure you’ve got the Dawnguard expansion installed, as you’ll need it for the mod to work. Next, download the Marriable Serana mod.

Is Dwemer gear useful?

These items can be used in a smelter to create dwarven metal ingots. Unlike smeltable ores, each of the listed Dwemer scrap pieces can create multiple dwarven metal ingots….Smeltable.

Item Solid Dwemer Metal
Weight 25
Value 25
Ingots 5
Weight Per Ingot 5

Do Sorines quests end?

The miscellaneous quest where Sorine has been spoken to will appear even if all of her quests are completed. When asked for a quest, she will tell the Dragonborn to talk to Gunmar but her miscellaneous quest will permanently remain in the quest log unless the last save has been reloaded.

How do you recruit the Sorine?

Sorine can be found south of Darkfall Cave. She can be persuaded to immediately go to Fort Dawnguard. If you fail the Speech check, you’ll need to fetch her satchel containing Dwemer Gyros by the riverbank first. Return to Fort Dawnguard, and Prophet soon begins thereafter.

Can you save Valerica from the Soul Cairn?

She no longer offers this option after relocating to her study in Castle Volkihar. After Harkon is defeated, if you return to the Soul Cairn and tell her so, she will return to Castle Volkihar and take up residence in her study.

What are Dwarven Spiders weak against?

They are immune to poison and frost, and they have a 25% resistance to magic. So fire and shock will be 25% weaker against them due to the magic resistance.

Can you melt Dwemer cogs?

They are not possible to smelt as they are already made, but again, they are extremely unique and highly prized: Kagrenac’s Tools: Keening.

Can you still become a Vampire Lord if you join the Dawnguard?

Note that playing as a Dawnguard member does not mean you can never become a Vampire Lord. After the main questline, and after you’ve tired of Fort Dawnguard, just ask Serana to turn you.

Where can I find Sorine in Skyrim?

Sorine Jurard is a Breton and a master trainer in Archery who can be found at Fort Dawnguard. Initially she will be found south-south-east of the Darkfall Cave near an unmarked Dwemer convector.

Where is isran a new order?

To accept A New Order, speak with Isran, located at Fort Dawnguard. While doing so, a group of vampires will attack the fort.

Can you bring Valerica back after killing Harkon?

Yes. Valerica will be in her study if you leave the castle for a few days. All you need to do is walk up to the entrance of the castle and she’ll be outside using the Alchemy lab, talk to her after killing Harkon and the last chat option will be to tell her he died.