Where did SethBling go to college?

Where did SethBling go to college?

California Institute of Technology

Education California Institute of Technology (B.S. Computer Science)
Occupation Software engineer and speedrunner
Website sethbling.com
YouTube information

What did ETHO do before Minecraft?

Etho previously worked in horticulture as part of a family-owned greenhouse business. Before revealing his previous profession, viewers had regularly claimed Etho to be a teacher, an IT professional or even a member of NASA.

Who is ETHO Minecraft?

Ethoslab or Etho is a Canadian Youtuber and video game commentator best known for his Minecraft Let’s Play series Etho Plays Minecraft, and his involvment on the Hermitcraft server. In this Let’s Play series, the viewer follows Etho through his various activities and adventures in his Singleplayer playthrough.

Is Etho a name?

According to a user from Texas, U.S., the name Etho is of American origin and means “Troublemaker”.

What is Etho good at?

He is very proficient with redstone. He currently has four main let’s plays, which are his single player world, his modded let’s play, Hermitcraft Season 7, and his Terafirmacraft Let’s play.

What is SethBling’s real name?


Personal name Seth
Born 3 April 1987 (age 34)
Country United States
Nationality American

Why did Generikb leave Hermitcraft?

Known as the founder and namesake of the HermitCraft server, Generik was invited to join the Mindcrack Server by Guude in August 2012, after they met at PlayOnCon 2012. On 3 April 2015, it was announced Generik would be parting ways with Mindcrack, because he “did not wish to sign certain legal agreements”.

Is Etho not in Hermitcraft 9?

Conversation. Sorry for missing the start to Hermitcraft S9. I will be joining in later. I’m still helping my parents out (dad has terminal cancer).

What is Etho short for?


Acronym Definition
ETHOS Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service
ETHOS Emergency to Home Outreach Service (Australia)
ETHOS Encouraging Technology and Hands on Science, Inc. (Elkhart, IN)
ETHOS European Telematics Horizontal Observatory Services

How old is PauseUnpause?

age 33

Personal name Alex
Born 24 April 1988 (age 33)
Country Canada
Nationality Canadian

Was SethBling on Hermitcraft?

Personal Info SethBling is a Cameo Hermit with 2,030,000 subscribers that appeared in Season 1. He was whitelisted in order to help Generikb with a combination lock he was attempting to build, but otherwise did not have much interaction with Hermitcraft. His most viewed video is Bite-Sized Minecraft.

What is Greek ethos?

Authentic Greek & Mediterranean Cuisine – ethos is a Greek word meaning “character” or the fundamental values of cultures, ideas and customs. In short, the distinct spirit of a culture.