Who owns the High Level Diner?

Who owns the High Level Diner?

An Edmonton non-profit that focuses on the environment has teamed up with Highlevel Diner to help the restaurant launch a new menu that includes carbon footprint levels. “I think now people are a little bit more mindful of what they’re eating,” Debbie Parker, co-owner of Highlevel Diner said.

What is silver diner known for?

Silver Diner was founded on the idea of creating a neighborhood gathering place serving updated American Classics with Authentic Diner Hospitality.

What food is served at a diner?


  • HASH BROWNS. What’s the most iconic breakfast side?
  • REUBEN. Corned beef isn’t just for St.
  • WAFFLES. Waffles are a breakfast staple–whether you throw them in the toaster at home or order them from your favorite diner.

What makes a diner a diner?

Diners offer a wide range of foods, mostly American cuisine, a casual atmosphere, and, characteristically, a combination of booths served by a waitstaff and a long sit-down counter with direct service, in the smallest simply by a cook.

Where is ype Hengst from?

the Netherlands
Ype Von Hengst Born in the Netherlands, Von Hengst discovered his passion for food while cooking for his family at the age of seven. His time spent in the garden and in the kitchen has led to a lifelong career of cooking and helping others live a healthier life.

Who is the owner of Silver Diner?

Bob Giaimo
Von Hengst and business partner Bob Giaimo founded Silver Diner in 1989. The restaurant has since expanded and introduced its Silver concept, a farm-to-table model with local, healthier menu options — with more plans for growth.

What’s the difference between a cafe and a diner?

Etymologically speaking, cafes serve drinks (originally, coffee). Diners are places where you eat (dine). Diners will serve you breakfast/dinner any time of day, unlike cafes.

Is a cafe the same as a diner?

Who is chef ype?

Chef Ype Von Hengst is co-founder and Executive Chef of Silver Diner and Silver New American Brasserie. Von Hengst has received many accolades for his creative menu that features fresh and local products, vegan and plant-based entrees, and an expanded award-winning healthier kids’ menu.

How long has Silver Diner been in business?

In 1989, Robert Giaimo and Ype Von Hengst opened the original Silver Diner in Rockville, Maryland. This original location has annual sales of $6 million. Silver Diner Development LLC.

Why is a diner called a diner?

The word diner is derived from the verb ‘dine’. ‘Dine’ comes from the late 13th century Old French word ‘disner’ which means ‘have a meal’. Diner first appeared in English around 1815. Its use as a word to describe a kind of simple American restaurant dates to 1935.

What are eggs called in diners?

Adam and Eve On a Raft This is possibly one of the better-known diner terms, referring to two eggs on toast. But the dynamic duo inspired a whole slew of breakfast terms, like “Adam and Eve on a log” for eggs and sausage, or “Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck ’em” for scrambled eggs and toast.

What is the most popular meal served at a diner?