How did Sonic become Fleetway Sonic?

How did Sonic become Fleetway Sonic?

The first being Sonic loses the will to fight and suffers a heart attack and his soul is destroyed. The way Fleetway was released was Sonic was be fueled by his determination inside his mind and transformed into his Fleetway form, attempting to kill Exetior.

Are Fleetway Sonic and Sonic the same person?

Super Sonic is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a powered-up form of Sonic the Hedgehog. Super Sonic is a psychotic demon-like entity who manifests himself in Sonic’s body under conditions of extreme stress or exposure to chaos energy.

What is Fleetway Sonic?

Fleetway sonic is a psychotic demon who manifests under sonic’s body of extreme stress or exposure of chaos energy. Fleetway sonic is non cannon but he is in the comics but he’s not in any of the video games.

What is Fleetway Sonic powers?

Among his most commonly used powers are the ability to fly at tremendous speeds, and the ability to fire highly destructive beams of energy from his eyes, which are always depicted as maniacal red spirals. He can also cast energy shields, and super-charge his body to cause massive explosions.

What is Fleetway Sonic’s weakness?

In the Fleetway comic book Sonic the Comic, his inability to swim was one of his major weaknesses for a long time.

Who is Fleetway Sonic FNF?

Fleetway Super Sonic, also known simply as Super Sonic, is an antagonist in the Friday Night Funkin’ Mod, Vs. Sonic.exe. He’s originally from Sonic the Comic, a British comic book series that was published by Fleetway Editions.

Is Fleetway Sonic stronger than Hyper Sonic?

Since Dark Hyper Sonic would just be a weak Super Sonic, and Sonic exe is a plushie, Sonic Fleetway, who uses positive energy and thus is stronger, would win. Also.

Is Fleetway Sonic Sonic EXE?

Is Super Sonic canon?

Hyper Sonic was and still is canon. Sega simply don’t use the character for two reasons: 1. Hyper Sonic can only happen when the Chaos Emeralds become the Super Emeralds.

What is gold Sonic called?

Super Sonic Sonic
Appearances of Super Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: When Super Sonic first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, he was almost the same as Sonic but he was gold instead of blue and his quills pointed upward.

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