How do I fix the error code 6000 on my Canon printer?

How do I fix the error code 6000 on my Canon printer?

If something is in front of the paper feed tray, the paper feed tray may not open even after you command a print job. As a result, the 6000 error shall occur. In such a case, remove any physical objects that prevent the tray from opening and turn OFF the printer. Then, turn ON the printer and command printing again.

How do I reset my Canon ip2700?

To do that follow this procedure,

  1. Turn off the printer without pulling the power cords.
  2. Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
  3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
  4. Then Press Resume button 5 times then let BOTH buttons go.

What does error 6 mean on Canon printer?

E, 1, 6 (LED display) The ink has run out. Replace the ink cartridge and close the paper output cover. If printing is in progress and you want to continue printing, press the machine’s Stop/Reset button for at least 5 seconds with the ink cartridge installed. Then printing can continue under the ink out condition.

How do you fix a paper jam on a Canon printer?


  1. Turn off the printer and unplug it.
  2. Retract the paper output tray and open the cover. Important.
  3. Check if jammed paper is under FINE cartridge holder.
  4. Hold jammed paper firmly in both hands.
  5. Slowly pull out paper, so as not to tear it.
  6. Make sure all jammed paper is removed.
  7. Close cover.

How do I reset my Canon iP2770 printer error 5B00?

How to Fix Canon Pixma iP2770 error 5B00

  1. Turn off printer.
  2. Press and hold RESET button.
  3. Press and hold POWER button.
  4. Released RESET button, POWER still pressed.
  5. Press and released RESET button 5 times.
  6. Released POWER button.
  7. When computer detect FOUND NEW HARDWARE, wait about 20 seconds and press CANCEL.

Why is my Canon printer blocked?

Printer blocked message typically appear when there is a possible out of paper, paper jam or door open error. To help you troubleshoot these issues, the HP Print Service Plugin provides a notification that allows you to open or install the HP Smart app, if it is not already installed. 1.)

How do I clean my Canon g2400?

Carry out strong cleaning.

  1. Click the [Utility] tab.
  2. Click [Strong Cleaning].
  3. Select ink colors corresponding to the nozzles you want to clean. [All Colors] Select this radio button to clean nozzles for all.
  4. Click [Send].
  5. Confirm the displayed message and then click [Yes]. Strong cleaning starts.

How do I fix orange blinking on my printer?

Why is my printer flashing orange?

  1. Perform Power Reset. Remove the Cartridges from the printer.
  2. Check the Ink Cartridge for Fault. If you haven’t changed the Ink Cartridge for a long time now, it may be the right time to have a look at them and check them for quality issues.
  3. Uninstall and Reinstall Printer Driver.

Why is my Canon printer flashing orange and green?

Power Lamp Flashes Green and Alarm Lamp Flashes Orange Alternately. A printer problem has occurred. These error indicate a hardware failure and are generally unrecoverable.

How do I fix my Canon error 5B00?

Open the cartridge door and press down the Power button. Continue to hold the Power button while plugging the power cord into the wall socket. Keep holding the Power button until the printer starts resetting itself. Once all the lights are on, you may release it.

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