How many districts are in Mbeya Region?

How many districts are in Mbeya Region?

5 districts
Administratively, the Region is divided into 5 districts with 7 Local Government Authorities (LGAs). The Administrative Districts include Mbeya, Chunya, Mbarali, Kyela, Rungwe, 15 divisions, 178 wards, 533 villages and 181 Mitaa.

Which country is Mbeya?

Mbeya is a city located in south west Tanzania, Africa. Mbeya’s urban population was 385,279 according to the 2012 census….

Coordinates: 08°54′00″S 33°27′00″E
Country Tanzania
Region Mbeya
District Mbeya Urban

How many wards are there in Mbeya?

Mbeya Urban District is administratively divided into 36 wards: Forest. Ghana.

Where is Songwe in Tanzania?

Mbeya Region
Songwe is a region of Tanzania created on 29 January 2016 from the western half of Mbeya Region. Its capital is Vwawa….Songwe Region.

Songwe Region Mkoa wa Songwe (Swahili)
Location in Tanzania
Coordinates:9.1°S 32.9°E
Country Tanzania
Established 29 January 2016

What is Mbeya rice?

Mbeya rice is a group of rice traders located at SIDO rice market in Mbeya town. The cluster maintains active rice farmers and traders. Rice trading is a year-round business with relatively stable and predictable demand. Annual harvesting season commences every May through to August.

What tribe is Songwe?

Vwawa is a town and an administrative ward in Mbozi District and the location of the headquarters of Songwe Region, Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward had a total population of 37 844. The major tribe found in Vwawa is Nyiha, but other tribes include Ndali, Chaggas, Nyakyusa and Lambyas.

How many districts are in Songwe region?

four districts
Songwe Region is divided into the town of Tunduma and the districts of Ileje, Mbozi, Momba and Songwe. Tunduma is subdivided into 15 wards and 71 mitaa (streets), while the four districts are subdivided into 11 divisions, 79 wards, 307 villages and 1493 hamlets.

Where is Songwe?

Songwe is a region of Tanzania created on 29 January 2016 from the western half of Mbeya Region. Its capital is Vwawa.

Which is the newest region in Tanzania?

Dodoma — President John Magufuli has proclaimed Songwe as a new region formed out of Mbeya and announced formation of six new districts, including Ubungo and Kigamboni in Dar es Salaam.

How many regions are in Tanzania?

Administratively, the mainland of Tanzania is divided into 20 regions and Zanzibar into 5 regions. Each region is subdivided into districts.

What are the main regions in Tanzania?

The classification of regions into the zones is shown below: Coastal Zone : Northern Highland Zone: Lake Zone: Central Zone: Southern Highland Zone: Southern Zone: Tanga, Morogoro, Coast, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar. Arusha and Kilimanjaro.

How many regions in Tanzania and their names?

In 1975, Tanzania had 25 regions. In the 1970s, the name of the Ziwa Magharibi Region (West Lake Region) changed to Kagera Region….List of Tanzania Regions and their Capital City:

Region Capital
Arusha Region Arusha
Dar es Salaam Region Dar es Salaam
Dodoma Region Dodoma
Geita Region Geita

How many regions are there in Tanzania 2021?

30 regions
Tanzania is divided into 30 regions (mkoa in Swahili). HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes. context, prefix ” TZ- ” to the code (ex: TZ-26 represents Manyara).

How many regions are there in Tanzania 2022?

Geita Region is one of the 31 administrative regions of Tanzania. Its capital and largest city is Geita. The region is located in the northwestern part of the country.

What is the largest region in Tanzania?

Tabora Region
Therefore, with its 76,151-square-kilometre (29,402 sq mi) size, Tabora Region is Tanzania’s largest region by area.

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