How many miles per gallon does a Winnebago Travato get?

How many miles per gallon does a Winnebago Travato get?

18 to 22 mpg highway
Estimated to get 18 to 22 mpg highway, and only 21 feet long, the Travato offers all of the comforts of home in an efficient van. The Travato comes with seating for 4, 2 beds, a full kitchen and bathroom w/ toilet and shower.

What is a 2014 Winnebago Travato worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $84,039 $57,500
Options (Add)
Total Price $84,039 $57,500

Is the Travato easy to drive?

It’s comfortable to drive, and easily tackles big 15+ hour days on the highway. The table is great seating for two, and Ash can make pretty much anything she wants in the kitchen.

What is difference between Winnebago Travato G and GL?

Volta Energy System One big difference between a Travato G and the GL is that in the GL, the bench by the door holds the massive inverter instead of the water tank.

Which RV is the most fuel-efficient?

The Class B Winnebago Travato 59G camper van will end up returning 18 to 22 mpg on the highway according to Camper Rules, making it the most efficient RV available. That looks like the fuel economy of a gas guzzler on paper.

Does Winnebago Travato have a spare tire?

When we got our new 2016 Travato 59k, I was concerned by the lack of a spare tire and that a serious blowout would not be fixable with the aerosol tire repair kit Winnebago provides. Here is our solution that cost about $400 and gives us some peace of mind when traveling.

How many people does the Winnebago Travato sleep?

Listing Description. Our 2020 Class B RV has four seat belts, and can sleep three full-sized people, or four if two of them are little people. Front seats swivel, creating seating for four in the cozy dinette, one of our favorite features of this van.

Does Travato 59KL have a generator?

The Pure3 System available in the Winnebago Travato 59KL and 59GL does not have a generator therefor is extremely quiet to run, so you will not have the added noise of a generator running if you are in warmer climates and require the air conditioner.

How much is a Travato Winnebago?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $116,177 $95,300
Options (Add)
Total Price $116,177 $95,300

How many miles to the gallon does a camper van do?

A good average to aim for with the T5 would be mid 30s MPG, but this will vary more depending on what model you are driving. Being the newest model, the T6 is up to Euro 6 standards.

What is the average MPG for a Class B RV?

18-25 miles per gallon
While there are exceptions for each class, on average Class B motorhomes, or Camper Vans, are the most fuel-efficient RVs with an industry average of 18-25 miles per gallon.

How much does a Winnebago Travato cost?

Can a Travato sleep 4?

Travato For Sale Sleeps 4 – Winnebago RVs Near Me – RV Trader.

What is difference between Travato 59K and 59KL?

The main difference between the Travato 59K and 59G and their lithium-powered counterparts is the climate controlled box that houses the Pure3 Energy Management System automotive grade 48V energy pack from Volta Power Systems.

What does the inverter do in Travato?

Over the bed. Beginning with the 2020.5 model year the inverter ALSO powers the 120v outlet near the roof access port.

Does the Travato have a bathroom?

Conclusions. The Travato has a real bathroom with a real shower, a real sink and a real toilet. This is good news for most travellers and it will really make their journey easier.

Does a Winnebago Travato sleep 4?

Which camper van has the best mpg?

The most fuel-efficient camper van model is the Winnebago Travato. Rated at around 22 miles per gallon in ideal conditions, the Winnebago Travato is the most economical new camper van model available.

Which campervan has best mpg?

The Mercedes Sprinter has long been considered the most fuel-efficient campervan of the three. And there’s some data to back that up; according to Car Indigo, the Sprinter gets 22mpg combined.

What kind of motor home is the 2014 Winnebago Travato?

2014 Winnebago Travato 59G, This 2014 Travato B class motor home by Winnebago is the model 259G., 2014 Travato 59G 2014 Travato Winnebago Dodge 59G Diesel Class B This 2014 Travato 59G Diesel Class B Van.

How many people can fit in a Winnebago Travato?

The Winnebago Travato is offered in 4 floorplans – 59G, 59GL, 59K, and 59KL. All floorplans have a length of 21′ and can fit 2 people. Their weights and measurements are also the same except for slight differences in the holding capacity of the gray water and black water tanks.

What is the warranty on a Winnebago Travato?

Winnebago Industries offers a 12-month or 15,000-mile basic warranty for their Travato units. You can also discuss with your dealer regarding the complete warranty information and separate warranty on chassis.

Why buy a Winnebago camper van?

The innovative WinnSleep™ system is so comfortable. There’s ample room to store your travel gears and essentials. The roof and sidewall are properly insulated which means you can use this camper van all year long. Winnebago has also carefully chosen the furniture that are flexible and practical for daily use.

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