What year was the Mathews Heli-M made?

What year was the Mathews Heli-M made?

Early last month, Mathews announced its 2012 flagship bow, the Heli-m (as in the lightweight noble gas used to loft balloons). The Heli-m bow is touted as the apex of more than 20 years of Mathews engineering — “delivering the smoothest, quietest, most technologically advanced lightweight bow ever offered.”

How old is the Mathews Heli-M?

The new Mathews Helim is the culmination of 20 years of Mathews innovation including new technologies and features poised to make you a better bowhunter. The New 2012 Mathews Helim is the ideal bow for those who choose not to be weighed down by their equipment…. literally.

How do I identify a Mathews bow?

Read the serial number plate found at the edge of the grip. Write down the serial number and the date stamp. The date stamp will tell you the age of the bow. Check out the underside of the bow shaft toward the top pulley on some models to find the serial number and date stamp.

Are Mathews bows made in China?

Mathews bows are made in sparta wisconsin and on the mathews forum they have mathews avatars that say made in the usa.

How much does a Mathews Heli-m weight?

The Heli-m is the third generation Mathews bow to offer the distinctive Grid-Lock riser, and with a cam derived from the Z7 this bow is widely regarded as the successor to that extremely popular bow. The name suggests the chief characteristic: At approximately 3.5 pounds, this is one super-light bow.

Who makes vxr bow?

The Mathews VXR 31.5 is packed with features and technologies to produce a target-bow shooting experience in a relatively short hunting bow.

When did Mathews drenalin come out?

Since that point the company produced several very successful bows, namely the Outback, the Switchback, the Switchback XT, and now the latest model, the Drenalin, for 2007.

Who owns Mathews bow?

Matt McPherson
“How We Got Here” by Matt McPherson, Founder & CEO.

Is Mission bows owned by Mathews?

Mission Bows | Mission Archery By Mathews.

How fast is a Mathews Z7 bow?

332 fps
With a 7-inch brace height and IBO speed rating up to 332 fps, Mathews says its all-new, single-cam Z7 is the ultimate combination of speed and accuracy.

What does VXR stand for Mathews?

Mathews VXR ‘Extended Bridged Riser’ The Wisconsin-based bow manufacturer builds archery equipment used by both tournament archers and bowhunters. CEO Matt McPherson said Mathews saw the opportunity to improve hunting bows by applying the same “extended bridged riser” design of its target bows to its hunting line.

Why did Mathews discontinue the VXR?

The Traverse was dropped for one reason only. It was TOO good for the price range. So, being that people were buying them for 3D bows and saving 800 bucks they decided to stop production and remake it.

How fast is a Mathews drenalin?

Other recommendations

Bow Mathews Drenalin Mathews Drenalin LD
AtA Length 33 “ 37 “
Draw Length 25 ” – 30 “ 26 ” – 31 “
Draw Weight 40 lbs – 70 lbs 40 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed 320 fps 315 fps

How old is the Mathews drenalin?

Registered. The Drenalin was manufactured 2007-2009. But limbhangers right you have to call Mathews with the serial number and they will tell you.

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