How do I listen to RFI?

How do I listen to RFI?

Radio stations that might interest you

  1. WFAN 66 AM – 101.9 FM.
  2. BBC World Service.
  3. KIRO – 710 ESPN Seattle 710 AM.
  4. Vanilla Radio – Deep Flavors.

How can I listen to French information?

Radio stations that might interest you

  1. WFAN 66 AM – 101.9 FM.
  2. WCBS 880.
  3. BBC World Service.
  4. WEPN-FM – ESPN New York 98.7 FM.

What does RFI stand for in French?

Radio France Internationale, usually referred to as RFI, is the state-owned international radio broadcaster of France.

What is the best known Parisian radio station?

France Inter was by far the most listened to online radio station both in terms of numbers of hours as well as plays, followed by RTL and NRJ with more than half number of daily listeners in 2021. France Inter belongs to the Radio France Group, the leading French public service radio broadcaster.

When would you use an RFI?

A request for information (RFI) is used when the owner wants several contractors to provide potential solutions, while a request for proposal (RFP) is used in a bidding process to solicit offers for a project.

What does Rfj stand for?


Acronym Definition
RFJ Rewards for Justice (US State Department)
RFJ Ring Freiheitlicher Jugend (German: Youth Freedom Ring)
RFJ Rainforest Foundation Japan
RFJ Radio Fréquence Jura (French radio station; Switzerland)

Is an RFI legally binding?

Oftentimes, request for information is issued to obtain general information from various suppliers before the project starts to find out if there is any supplier who can help in problem solving. An issuance of an RFI does not constitute a legally binding contract.

What are the benefits of RFI?

The Benefits of a Request for Information (RFI) include:

  • Information is gathered in a formal, structured, and comparable way.
  • Suppliers understand that there is a competition going on.
  • You show that you try to act without a prejudice or with a preferred supplier.
  • You get a formal reply from the suppliers.

What is the biggest radio station in France?

In February 2022, France Inter topped the list with more than 29 million plays, followed by RMC and France Info with respectively around 21.29 and 19.23 million plays.

Do French speak faster than English?

One 2011 study from the Université de Lyon looked at 7 languages, which reported the order as Japanese (7.84 syllables per second), Spanish (7.82), French (7.18), Italian (6.99), English (6.19), German (5.97) and Mandarin (5.18).

How long must an RFI be posted?

21 business days
When an RFI is planned, allow for the following: (1) Posted on Contract Opportunities for at least 21 business days to ensure maximum participation by small business concerns.