How much does it cost to build a house in Palm Coast Florida?

How much does it cost to build a house in Palm Coast Florida?

Market Overview: New Homes in Palm Coast, FL

Starting Price $239,000
Average Price $517,077
Price Per Square Foot $216
Home Builders 13
Customizable Options in Palm Coast

What does ICI Homes stand for?

Intervest Construction, Inc.
ICI Homes is a custom homebuilding company based in the United States, founded in 1979 as Intervest Construction, Inc.

Who is the owner of ICI Homes?

Morteza “Mori” Hosseini Mori Hosseini
Mori Hosseini is the Chairman and CEO of ICI Homes, one of Florida’s largest residential homebuilder/developers. Born in Iran, Mr. Hosseini was educated in London, England, where he received a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Chelsea College of Aeronautical Engineering.

Who is the largest home builder in Florida?

Lennar Homes
Florida Top Home Builders – May 2020

Builder Total Permits Total Value
1-Lennar Homes 143 $ 29,836,099.00
2-Taylor Morrison 76 $ 22,438,421.00
3-Neal Communities of SW FL 74 $ 15,158,794.00
4-D.R. Horton 69 $ 15,455,219.00

How much does it cost to build a 1500 sq ft house in Florida?

Cost per Square Foot to Build a House in Florida

Size Average Cost to Build (Modular) Average Cost to Build (Stick-Built)
1,200 sq.ft. $72,000 – $120,000 $132,000 – $162,000
1,500 sq.ft. $90,000 – $150,000 $165,000 – $202,500
1,600 sq.ft. $96,000 – $160,000 $176,000 – $216,000
1,800 sq.ft. $108,000 – $180,000 $198,000 – $243,000

Do you lose money on a new build?

New build premium pricing Just like a new car, a new build house or flat will depreciate in price the minute you turn the key in the door. Even in a rising property market, you may not get your money back when you buy a new build home if you have to sell within a year or two.

Where does Mori Hosseini live?

Ormond Beach, Florida
Hosseini, his wife and three daughters are longtime residents of Ormond Beach, Florida.