Is the RE4 merchant a Ganado?

Is the RE4 merchant a Ganado?

The Weapons Merchant ( 武器 ぶき 商人 しょうにん , buki shōnin?) is a mysterious Ganado character that appears in Resident Evil 4 as a means for the player to upgrade, sell, and purchase weapons.

Is the Duke the merchant from RE4?

The Duke is a mysterious, morbidly obese character who serves as a merchant and aids Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village. He has been the resident merchant of the village for years, profiting well from his business transactions. He becomes an important guide in Ethan’s journey to rescue his daughter Rosemary.

Is the merchant in RE4 canon?

In addition to buying valuable items from Leon, being the Merchant lets him watch Leon more closely. Only other explanation for the Merchant being unaddressed by Saddler after trading with Leon is that the Merchant isn’t canon and is just an NPC that doesn’t exist beyond the trading.

Is the Duke infected re8?

His deep knowledge of the Four Lords’ intentions and physiologies can raise further suspicions, making The Duke a possible failed experiment, infected by Mother Miranda’s Cadou or the Mold. Apart from speculations, however, there is no direct confirmation about The Duke’s true nature.

Is the merchant a Las Plagas?

Fans might settle at the conclusion that the Merchant actually has a Plaga inside of him. However, one might wonder about the implications of such an infestation. For instance, how come the Merchant doesn’t answer to Saddler’s calls, where all Ganados gather around Saddler should he wish?

Is re8 based on RE4?

Resident Evil Village is the true sequel to Resident Evil 4 we’ve been waiting for. Resident Evil Village may technically be a direct follow-up to 2017’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, but at its core, it’s actually the spiritual sequel to Resident Evil 4. And it’s the game that we’ve waited more than 15 years for.

Is there a merchant in re7?

Just look at the difference between the Chris Redfield we saw in Resident Evil 7 and the one featured in Resident Evil Village. Even the phrasing of the merchant’s reveal creates some room for doubt. Capcom says “the merchant makes a return” but that “this time he’s known as ‘The Duke.

Who is the merchant in re8?

The Duke: Basic Information

Name The Duke
Role Merchant
Voice Actor Aaron LaPlante

Why is the Duke helping Ethan?

Despite helping Ethan Winters find his daughter, The Duke also does business with the Dimitrescu family who oppose Ethan in his search. However, the Duke seems to be more on Ethan’s side as he supports him to find and defeat the four lords and saves him in order for Ethan to save his daughter from Miranda.

Is the merchant the customer?

“Merchant” is a term used by payment processors to refer to their customers. Customers, or merchants, are businesses that accept credit card payments from their clients in-person, online, or over the phone.

How is RE8 connected to RE7?

Resident Evil 7 biohazard Mia, the person Ethan seeks to rescue in RE7, has a child with Ethan and their baby Rose is the catalyst for the events of RE8. But beyond the obvious character involvements, RE8 goes farther and directly explains the very events that started RE7.

What happens to the dog in RE4?

Resident Evil 4 If Leon helps the dog, during his first fight with an El Gigante the dog will reappear to distract the monster. He disappears after Leon manages to kill the El Gigante and is not seen or mentioned again in the game.

Does Duke know the merchant RE8?

6 He Seems To Know The Resident Evil 4 Merchant In many ways, The Duke fulfills a similar role as a rest stop to sell rare items and obtain weapon upgrades, but apparently they know each other. The Duke will reference the Merchant’s penchant for catchphrases and even mentions he is an old friend.

Is the Duke in the stronghold RE8?

The Duke is a shopkeeper running Duke’s Emporium in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8, RE8).

Is re8 based on re4?

Is the duke infected RE8?

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