Are the Tau good 40k?

Are the Tau good 40k?

The Tau are often seen as being a ‘good’ race, but they are not. Granted, they might be the one race that is closest to what we percieve as ‘good’, but they show now mercy or pity towards those who disagree with their philosophy, & the ‘choice’ they give to other races is no real choice at all.

What is the Tau goal 40k?

The Greater Good, or “Tau’va,” is the central philosophy that unites all T’au. It teaches that every sentient being is equal and plays an important part in T’au society. It tells its adherents to put away petty squabbles and unnecessary things to unite for the greater good of the rest of the race.

Will there be new Tau models?

GW Confirms New Tau 40k Codex First in 2022 Here’s what Warhammer Community had to say: On the T’au side, the snazzy upgraded Pathfinders can be used as a normal unit in your T’au army. Their kit won’t remain ornamental for long, though – brand new options for Pathfinders will be arriving in an upcoming codex.

Did the Eldar create the Tau?

Real-world history and development. Gavin Thorpe began developing what eventually became the Tau in the early 1990s. Initially, he conceived them as the counterpart to the Lizardmen faction from Warhammer Fantasy, in the same way the Eldar are the counterpart of the High Elves, and he called them “the Shishell”.

Is there a 9th edition Tau codex?

The T’au Empire returns to Warhammer 40,000 in 9th Edition with this updated codex! As with any codex, you can have all the relevant rules for one the most technologically advanced races in the 41st Millennium right at your fingertips.

Is there a 9th edition Tau Codex?

Can Eldar join Tau?

Tau can no longer take Eldar or Space Marines as Battle Brother allies. This for example means you can no longer cast Guide or Prescience on Tau units. Independent characters can no longer join monstrous creatures.

Can Tau be corrupted by chaos?

Yes. Keep in mind that Chaos corruption doesn’t happen for no reason. If Tau tech is kept close to Warp or Warp-tech or unholy sites or relics, energies of the Warp will permeate and corrupt it, just as they do with everything around (including bricks, stones and soil).

What are the Farsight enclaves?

The Farsight Enclaves, known as the “Forbidden Zone” in the T’au Empire, are a series of heavily-fortified T’au colony worlds that are independent and indeed opposed to the rule of the T’au Empire and its Ethereals.

Where is the Damocles Gulf?

The Damocles Gulf is a territory of the galaxy that contains a series of worlds belonging to the T’au Empire in the Eastern Fringe. The region is officially a part of the Imperium of Man’s Lithesh Sector, but contact between the distant region and the rest of the Imperium is quite limited.

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