How far apart should bistro lights be?

How far apart should bistro lights be?

Generally speaking, manufacturers choose to space bulbs with lower wattage/lumens on smaller-gauge wire approximately 12 inches apart; for higher-wattage/lumens bulbs, they tend to be spaced about 24 inches apart on heavier-duty wire.

How do you hang bistro lights on a patio?

Hanging Patio String Lights Basic Steps

  1. Draw a rough sketch with measurements.
  2. Assemble your poles if applicable.
  3. If using guy wire, hang this first.
  4. Hang your first patio light string with the male plug closest to your outlet.
  5. Use zip ties or hooks between each bulb as needed on deck railings or other structures.

Do Bistro lights use a lot of electricity?

A standard 48′ incandescent string light with 24 11W vintage-style bulbs draws a whopping 264 watts per strand. At the national average electricity cost of $0.11 per kilowatt hour, the annual energy costs to run just one set after sundown can exceed $125 – or one- to-two times the entire cost of the product.

How do you hang bistro lights without nails?

How to hang lights in a room without nails

  1. Use adhesive clips. With damage-free adhesive hooks or clips, you can deck the halls without nails or stress.
  2. Drape on furniture.
  3. Wrap around banisters.
  4. Use brick and brick clips.
  5. From a curtain rod.
  6. Transparent tape.
  7. Wrap around household objects.
  8. Staples.

How far can you hang string lights without support?

about eight to 10 feet
The most important thing to consider here is that people can walk comfortably without running into your string lights or bulbs. For most string lights, about eight to 10 feet is perfect. If you have larger bulbs, you may want to hang the lights a little higher.

How many feet of string lights do I need for patio?

The length of lights you’ll need for your patio depends on distance to illuminate and the number of strands that can be attached together. Measure the distance of the run and add two to six feet to allow for a natural-looking arc. One bonus strand can act as a source for replacement bulbs.

How do you light a backyard for a party?

These 9 amazing ideas will help you add something special to your backyard dinner parties and BBQs.

  1. Under-bench trim light.
  2. Ceramic lanterns.
  3. Metal candle holders.
  4. Outdoor pendant fixtures.
  5. Paper lantern string lights.
  6. Glass lanterns.
  7. Incandescent outdoor pendants.
  8. Globe string lights.

Is it better to leave LED lights on?

The operating life of a LED is unaffected by turning it on and off. While lifetime is reduced for fluorescent lamps the more often they are switched on and off, there is no negative effect on LED lifetime.

Can you hang outdoor string lights with Command hooks?

One of the easiest ways to install patio lights without using any nails is to glue on hooks. You do not have to use any glue to do this. Instead, simply buy adhesive hooks from Amazon, such as these Command Wire Hooks.

How high should string lights be on a patio?

Pole Height For most string lights, about eight to 10 feet is perfect. If you have larger bulbs, you may want to hang the lights a little higher.

Can you hang lights over fire pit?

Can I hang lights over a fire pit? From a safe distance, yes you can! Above I suggested using wooden posts to string lights above the fire pit, but it is important to note the height of the posts and the string lights.

How long do outdoor string lights Last?

Many LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, which equals up to 10 years of daily use. Incandescent light bulbs are inexpensive and easy to find. These bulbs are less energy efficient and have a much shorter lifespan than LED bulbs, usually lasting around 1,000 hours or up to a year of regular use.

How many string lights can I connect together?

In this case, most traditional incandescent Christmas mini lights only allow you to connect 4 or 5 sets end to end but with many LED mini light strings you can connect 40 to 50+ together depending on the light count. Consider your circuits: Most household circuits are 15 or 20 amps.

How do I illuminate my backyard?

14 Lighting Ideas for the Perfectly Bright Backyard

  1. Mix Up Different Lighting Styles.
  2. Uplight Trees to Create a Moonlight Effect.
  3. Illuminate Walkways.
  4. Sprawl Light Orbs Across the Fence.
  5. Light Up Water Features.
  6. Plant Tiki Torches.
  7. String Lights Up Tree Trunks and Branches.
  8. Create Shadows with Spotlights.

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