What does Dray Alliance do?

What does Dray Alliance do?

Dray Alliance is a venture-backed company on a mission to transform the trucking and logistics industry, starting with drayage. Our technology simplifies the antiquated process of moving containers across short distances, with focus on port and rail moves.

What is dray fleet?

Drayage is an important part of the shipment and transportation of products to and from different modes of transportation. The term “drayage” comes from “dray,” meaning a horse-drawn cart with low sides, used to transport goods a short distance.

What is a drayage carrier?

It specifically refers to freight that is moved over a short distance. When you see shipping containers being transported by trucks along the highway, those are drayage trucks. In simple terms, a drayage trucker is someone who drives a truck that is transporting shipping containers.

What are dray costs?

Drayage charge is the cost associated with the movement of shipments over a short distance that may be from a warehouse/rail terminal to the port or vice versa. This movement usually happens via trucking services. It is the transportation of a full container via truck.

What is a dray intermodal?

Lastly, organized labor was concerned about the bargaining power of the trucking industry, as dray drivers were purported to be “low bid carriers”. In intermodal freight transport, drayage is the transport of containerized cargo by specialized trucking companies between ocean ports or rail ramps and shipping docks.

What is Dray rate?

Is drayage the same as intermodal?

Intermodal utilizes sea, rail and truck to cover distance, instead of relying on just one mode. Drayage refers to the transport of cargo over a short distance by truck, or as part of a longer distance.

What is Transload freight?

What is transloading? Transloading services transfer container cargo from one load unit to another. When a container is transloaded, it usually occurs at a facility that is close to a port terminal. A container will be taken into a facility and transferred to a domestic container or truckload.

What is a chassis dray?

Container chassis, also called intermodal chassis or skeletal trailer, is a type of semi-trailer designed to securely carry an intermodal container. Chassis are used by truckers to deliver containers between ports, railyards, container depots, and shipper facilities. This type of trucking is sometimes called drayage.

What is a dray rate?

What is chassis fee?

A chassis fee is assessed if your shipment is traveling by truck (e.g., after your cargo arrives at an ocean port, if it’s being transported via truck to a warehouse). For FCL shipments, this is a flat fee which varies by trucker. For LCL shipments, the fee is calculated based on the volume of the cargo.

What is drayage and transload?

Drayage is performed by a drayman, who brings a power unit to the port to pick up the container. Transloading is the process of unloading freight from one mode of transportation and re-loading it onto another.

What is cross-docking and transloading?

To recap, cross-docking is the movement of an intact pallet (or pallets) from one truck to another, and transloading is the sorting and re-palletizing of items.

What is a railroad drayman?

Drayman. A person employed to pick up or drop off a container or trailer at an intermodal terminal.

What is chassis shipment?

What is a chassis? A special trailer or attachment that allows ocean containers to be transported via truck. A chassis is required for shipments transitioning from sea to road and will require a chassis fee. Chassis work by fitting snugly around the container, keeping it from moving around during transport.

What does transload mean in freight?

Transloading is very similar to intermodal shipping in that products are transferred between trucks and trains – except that with transloading, products are moved between conveyances rather than staying in the same container the whole way.

What is transloading shipping?

What is a transloading station?

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