What does F04 mean on a washing machine?

What does F04 mean on a washing machine?

Updated: April 22, 2021. An Indesit washing machine producing error F04 is producing an error code that means, “pressure switch jammed on empty – check pressure switch and module”. (or if fitted with a rotary dial that clicks round and round accompanied by 4 cyclical flashes of the LED).

How do I fix E04 error on my washing machine?

If you can see lots of suds in the drum then the excess soap bubbles may trigger an alarm. Put the machine through a maintenance cycle by selecting a cottons 60 degree cycle and let the machine run through with out any load in the drum. This will clean out any excess or left over soap powder.

What does F04 mean on a CDA washing machine?

Issue: Check the door is properly shut. The washing machine is not plugged into the mains or there is no voltage in the mains supply. The Start/Pause button has not been pressed. If the washing machine door is not properly shut, F04 will appear on the display.

What does F04 mean on a Hotpoint Dryer?

F04 – The pump is running when it shouldn’t be. Similar to the F1 error, moisture in your machine could have caused a short circuit in one of the control module connections, on this occasion the J5 module connector. Check the connector. Once again the module will need replacing if it has shorted.

What does code F04 mean on a Indesit tumble dryer?

Pressure switch jammed on empty
F04 – Pressure switch jammed on empty. F05 – Pressure switch jammed on full – Check pump for blockages.

What does E04 mean on my relion meter?

Message: Er4 The test strip may be wet. The Test strip may have been removed too soon.

What is error message E04 on Bosch washing machine?

Make note if the indicator “rinse” light is on and the display is flashing “E:04” on the Bosch washing machine. Check to ensure there is no water in the tub. This is a common error often associated with too many suds blocking the pump.

What does E61 mean on washing machine?

Motor tachometer generator fail
-Check tachometer connections. -Check motor for other faults. Logik Washing Machine Error 61: “E61” Error Code Definition: Motor tachometer generator fail. Error on the washers main drive motor circuit in connection with overheat protector in the motor.

How do I fix error code 4E?

The first step is to turn your Samsung washer off for a few minutes before turning it back on. Often the 4E error code will resolve itself by simply turning the power off and on, as this resets your washer.

How do I clear the 4E code on my Samsung washer?

How to resolve 4E or 5E codes on Samsung Washer

  1. Check the water hose. A problem with the water supply is usually the result of low water pressure or a low flow rate on the mains water supply to the machine.
  2. Check the water supply.
  3. Clean the water hose mesh filter.
  4. Clean the dispenser drawer.

What does F04 error mean?

What does F04 mean on a Indesit dryer?

How do I reset my Indesit washing machine?

How To Reset Indesit Washing Machine

  1. Switch off the power and unplug the machine.
  2. Turn on the machine using the on/off button.
  3. Set the timer control to the zero position.
  4. Plug the machine back in.
  5. Switch on the power.
  6. The display lights should now be flashing.
  7. Turn off the machine with the on/off button.

What does error 4 mean on a one touch?

Error 4. What it means: One of the following may apply: Not enough blood or control solution was applied or more was added after the meter began to count down. The test strip may have been damaged or moved during testing.

What does E04 mean on a Bosch washer?

How do I fix E04 error on my Bosch dishwasher?

You will get the Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E04 when there is a water flow sensor failure….If the Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E04 reappears, you need to clean the sprinkler:

  1. Remove the Sprinkler.
  2. Rinse it under running water.
  3. Brush nozzles with a toothpick or other objects in order to remove all dirt from holes.

How do I fix E4 error on my Bosch dishwasher?

Try to reset the E04 code: disconnect the Bosch dishwasher from the mains; wait for 10-15 minutes; re-start the appliance….Try to clean the sprinkler:

  1. Remove the detail.
  2. Rinse under the running water.
  3. Clean the nozzles (holes) using a toothpick.

How do I fix E60 error on washing machine?

2 Answers. The error code E60 on a zanussi washing machine is a motor issue. First try resetting the machine by unplugging for five minutes, Next check to see if the wires are fully plugged into the machine motor.

What does E60 error code mean?

Washing machine displays error code E60 (or any code beginning with E61, E62, E69, etc.). It generally refers to a heating problem with the machine.

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