Where was the poltergeist house filmed?

Where was the poltergeist house filmed?

The “Poltergeist” house, 1982 The house is located at 4267 Roxbury Street in Simi Valley, California. The film is set in and around the house belonging to the Freeling family.

Was Poltergeist and ET filmed in the same neighborhood?

Show activity on this post. Were the two 1982 Spielberg movies E.T. and Poltergeist filmed in the same neighborhood? They were both filmed in tract housing developments during the same year.

Was Poltergeist filmed in a real house?

Although the opening shots are of streets in Agoura Hills, the ‘Freeling’ house itself is 4267 Roxbury Street in the small estate of Forest Hills in the Simi Valley north of Los Angeles. This is a private home, so please respect the privacy of the occupants.

When was the poltergeist filmed?


Occupation Film
Poltergeist Poltergeist III
Production company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer SLM Production Group Mist Entertainment Amblin Productions Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date June 4, 1982 June 10, 1988
Runtime 114 minutes 98 minutes

Where was Poltergeist filmed in California?

Although the house used as the exterior of the Feeling’s home in the movie “Poltergeist” is located in Simi Valley, CA, most of the neighborhood shots were filmed in the city of Agoura Hills, CA, in the areas seen on the map below.

How much is the poltergeist house worth?

Poltergeist: $596,600 Trulia estimates the four-bedroom California home where the Freeling family battled otherworldly forces is worth about $596,600.

Where is the ET house?

7121 Lonzo Drive, Tujunga
The actual house is 7121 Lonzo Drive, Tujunga, a suburb north of Burbank.

Is the ET house still standing?

E.T. finds a temporary home with young Elliot at 7121 Lonzo Street in Tujunga, a residence still used today. This house had just recently completed construction in 1980 when filming began in September of 1981.

Can you go inside the Exorcist house?

The two-story brick house is privately owned, so it’s not possible to visit inside. Still, you can take a casual stroll down the residential cul-de-sac and observe the home where this spooky paranormal activity took place.

Where was Jaws filmed?

Martha’s Vineyard
Set on a fictional island, the movie was filmed on Martha’s Vineyard. Now, child star Jonathan Searle is becoming the police chief of Oak Bluffs, a Martha’s Vineyard town where “Jaws” was filmed.

Where was Gremlins filmed?

Warner Brothers Burbank Studios
Gremlins was filmed in Universal City, Universal Studios, Universal Studios Backlot – Courthouse Square and Warner Brothers Burbank Studios.

What park was ET filmed at?

Porter Ridge park
The park used in the film was none other than Porter Ridge park, located at the intersection of Reseda Boulevard and Sesnon. Porter Ridge Park.

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