Why did Waterloo Road move to Scotland?

Why did Waterloo Road move to Scotland?

The relocation is part of the BBC’s efforts to increase network programming from Scotland. On screen, the relocation will be played out in a “dramatic and explosive storyline” at the end of the seventh series.

Where is the new Waterloo Road being filmed?

Greater Manchester
The casting of new school staff on the highly anticipated BBC One school drama Waterloo Road has been revealed as filming for the new series begins on set in Greater Manchester.

Will there be a season 11 of Waterloo Road?

Waterloo Road season 11 release date Right now, we only know that Waterloo Road season 11 will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer later this year, as the BBC stated this when they revealed the actors in Waterloo Road’s “Class of 2022” back in February.

Is Waterloo Road ever coming back?

BBC have released the first photos of Waterloo Road Back in 2021, six years after the the show’s final episode aired, it was confirmed that Waterloo Road would be making a much-anticipated comeback to our screens.

Will there be a series 11 of Waterloo Road?

Waterloo Road season 11 is bringing the school drama back to Greater Manchester! Waterloo Road season 11 is on its way! After nearly seven years away from our screens, the BBC has decided to bring their beloved school drama back.

Is Waterloo Road school real?

Waterloo Road Rochdale The series is set in and around Waterloo Road, a fictional school for students aged 11 to 18, a comprehensive in Rochdale in series 1 to 7 and an independent in Scotland thereafter.

Why did Matt leave Waterloo?

Matt’s agreed to be sperm donor but will their friendship withstand the pressure of impending parenthood? At the end of Series 7, Matt left Waterloo Road for a second time after the school moved to Scotland, and he gained another job in the Rochdale area.

Where did Davina go in Waterloo Road?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! Davina Shackleton began her career at Waterloo Road as former headteacher Jack Rimmer’s secretary, and later his lover, but when Jack left Waterloo Road, Davina threw herself into a teaching assistant role, taking special interest in autistic pupil Karla Bentham.

Is Waterloo Road a real school?

Is Rihanna pregnant in Waterloo Road?

Casual boyfriend Darren is disgusted at Rhiannon’s fussing over virtual baby ‘BeyoncĂ©’. When she reveals she might be really expecting their baby, Darren runs off! Rhiannon finally confides in Maggie about her pregnancy scare and takes a test, which reveals it’s a false alarm.

What happens to Janeece baby Waterloo Road?

Janeece returned to Waterloo Road a year later, pregnant and hoping to become the new school secretary. She later gave birth to her daughter Cheryl Bryant, whom she sometimes had difficulty caring for. She was, however, always supported by her best friend Daniel Chalk and good friends Ruby Fry and Maggie Croft.

Is the Waterloo Road school still there?

The school once had the highest teenage pregnancy rate of any school in the UK. When the building was no longer needed for filming, it was demolished and later housing was built on the site. From Series 8 to Series 10 the school was located in Greenock, Scotland.

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