How do I contact Hackney housing?

How do I contact Hackney housing?

Housing Advice Contact Line

  1. 020 8356 2929.
  2. From 6pm. 020 8356 2300.

What is an emergency repair?

Emergency repairs are any defects that put the health, safety or security of tenants or anyone else at immediate risk. Emergencies also include defects that can affect the structure of the building. Examples of emergency repairs include: blocked or leaking main drain or soil pipe. loss of gas supply.

How do I contact Hackney Council?

General enquiries. For general enquiries: tel 020 8356 3000. email [email protected]

How do I become a hackney support worker?


  1. Mon to Fri: 9am – 5pm. 020 8356 6262.
  2. Urgent requests out of hours. 020 8356 2300.

Which borough is Hackney in?

inner borough of London
Hackney, inner borough of London, England, in the historic county of Middlesex. Hackney lies north of the City of London and Tower Hamlets, and its eastern boundary is the River Lea.

Is Hackney a universal credit area?

Universal Credit is now live in Hackney. If you need help with your rent, you should now claim Universal Credit from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

What is a house emergency?

FCB Homes emergencies are defined as problems that require immediate action to protect you, your family, your home and your property. Examples of such emergencies would be: A natural gas leak in your home that can’t be immediately shut off by you. Total electrical failure not due to a local power outage.

How do I contact my home group?

Online: use our online contact form. Call: 0345 141 4663.

Is Hackney a poor area?

Overview. Hackney is an inner London borough that extends north-east from the City. It is a borough that has changed a great deal in recent decades, but high levels of poverty and inequality remain, particularly in how people access work and housing. Of the 18 indicators in the LPP it scores poorly for 7 of them.

Is Hackney a nice place to live?

Hackney is an up-and-coming borough, with a reputation as a fun place to live and work, and was even ranked by Vogue magazine as one of the top 15 coolest neighbourhoods in the world because of its great street style. Hackney has a huge night-life economy that supports its daytime economy.

Is Hackney a black area?

The history of Hackney’s diverse communities Around 40% of the population come from Black and Minority Ethnic groups with the largest group (approximately 20%) being Black or Black British. 36% the population are White British and 16% are “other White.”

Is Hackney poor?

48% of children in Hackney are classed as being in poverty after housing costs compared to the London average of 37%. Hackney has one of highest rates of people who claim out-of-work benefits at 16.5%, compared to the London average of 13.7%.

Can I get Housing Benefit as well as Universal Credit?

Anyone who is already claiming Housing Benefit, rather than Universal Credit for help with their rent can continue to claim Housing Benefit, until such time as they have change in their circumstances which triggers a migration to Universal Credit.

How do I claim Housing Benefit in Hackney?

People who can still claim housing benefit If you’re not sure whether this applies to you, please call us on 0208 356 3399. If you’re not in the above categories and need to make a new claim for housing costs or help with rent – you’ll need to claim universal credit.

What are the most common home emergencies?

Here are 10 common home emergencies and how to handle them.

  1. Kitchen fire. The most common culprit of a kitchen fire is an inattentive cook.
  2. Water leak.
  3. Water overflow.
  4. Flooded basement.
  5. Power outage.
  6. Carbon monoxide.
  7. Gas leak.
  8. Broken glass.

Where is Homegroup based?

Created in the north east but now with a presence in England and Scotland, Home Group support over 113,000 customers across 55,000 properties. Home Group is a social enterprise that supports some of the most vulnerable in society, including people with mental and physical health issues.

What is Homegroup email address?

Email our customer service team at [email protected] and we’ll be back in touch.

What’s the poorest borough in London?

Tower Hamlets
Poorest Borough in London The boroughs with the highest number of people residing in poverty are Tower Hamlets (39%), Newham (37%) and Hackney (36%).

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