How do I know if my 2004 Honda CRV is an EX or LX?

How do I know if my 2004 Honda CRV is an EX or LX?

You can determine if Your Honda CR-V is an EX/LxBy the VIN on the metal plate on top of the driver’s side of the dashboard. The eighth digit is the one that will determine the Vehicle Grade.

How do I know if my Honda CRV is an EX or LX?

Honda CRV LX vs EX

  1. The CRV LX and EX are two versions of the same vehicle.
  2. The EX is the pricier model and is equipped with more features.
  3. The EX has a power moonroof while the LX does not.
  4. The EX is equipped with a rear privacy glass.
  5. The EX has a security system while the LX does not.

What is the difference between 2003 Honda CR-V EX and LX?

EX comes with four-wheel drive only, and adds a premium stereo, anti-lock brakes, privacy glass, remote keyless entry, aluminum wheels, and a power moonroof. It lists for $22,060 with the five-speed manual, $22,860 with the automatic.

What’s the difference between Honda CR-V LX and EX-L?

Honda CR-V Features Move to the exterior, and you will see the CR-V LX also features 17-inch alloy wheels and LED daytime running lights. Honda CR-V EX – Enjoy upgrades on the CR-V EX like an enlarged 7-inch touchscreen as well as an upgraded rearview camera.

Is my Honda Civic AN EX or LX?

The Honda civic LX is the base model and the Honda civic EX is the premium model. Though both the trims come with powerful engines and other added features, the Honda EX model comes with more options and features.

How do I know if I have a Honda EX or LX?

When comparing the wheels, the Honda Accord EX comes with a 17-inch alloy wheels and the Honda Accord LX is fitted with 16-inch alloy wheels. Other added features that are seen in Honda Accord Ex are moon roof, heated seats, heated mirrors, blue ambient console lights, Rear HVAC Vent and power side mirrors.

What are the different CRV models?

Which Honda CR-V Model Is Right for Me? The 2022 Honda CR-V comes in five trims: LX, Special Edition, EX, EX-L, and Touring. All models come standard with a 190-horsepower turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Front-wheel drive is standard.

How do I know which civic I have?

To find out which model of Honda Civic you have, check the back of the vehicle. Most have emblems of the car’s make on one side and its model on the other. Alternatively, you can check your car’s vehicle identification number or VIN.

Is my Honda Civic EX or LX?

Both the Civic LX and Civic EX are powered by a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, but the LX produces 158 hp, while the EX delivers 174 hp. The Civic LX is offered with your choice of a 6-speed manual or a CVT transmission, while the Civic EX is equipped with a standard CVT.

What is the difference between Civic LX and EX?

The LX and EX have an automatic transmission and standard front-wheel drive. The 2021 Honda Civic LX comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that offers 158 horsepower. Meanwhile, the 2021 Honda Civic EX comes with a turbo engine with a 1.5L displacement, which generates 174 horsepower.

What is more expensive Honda CR-V LX or EX?

EX: Price. One key difference between the Honda CR-V LX and EX is the sticker price, with the EX coming in at $2,510 more than the LX: 2021 Honda CR-V LX Price – MSRP starting at $25,350*

How do you know if your Honda Civic is EX or LX?

  1. The Honda civic LX is the base model and the Honda civic EX is the premium model.
  2. Honda Civic EX has a higher curb weight than the Honda civic LX.
  3. While the Honda Civic LX wheels come in steel, the Honda Civic EX wheels are aluminium.
  4. Another noticeable difference is that Honda Civic EX comes with a moon roof.

How do I know if I have a Honda Civic EX or LX?

How do you find out if my Honda Civic is an LX or EX?

It depends on the model year, but most model years LX is the base model, in more recent years that means cloth interior, power windows, power door locks, and cruise with steel wheels as the base options. EX has typically meant an upgrade to include a moonroof and alloy whels. You can identify the model by the VIN.

What is difference between EX and LX Honda Civic?

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