How do I know if my stator is bad on my Harley?

How do I know if my stator is bad on my Harley?

What are the symptoms of a bad motorcycle stator? The most obvious symptoms of a bad motorcycle stator include no spark, weak spark, or intermittent spark (also known as misfiring). Hard starts and a poorly running engine can also be clues that your stator needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

How long does it take to replace a stator on a Harley?

You should be able to get in and out under 3 hours.

What does the stator do on a Harley?

Simply put, a stator works together with a rectifier regulator to accomplish the same outcome as an alternator—to generate the DC power required to operate the motorcycle, ATV, side-by-side, etc. The stator is the coil of wire housed inside the engine case.

Can you fix a bad stator?

Fixing a stator usually involves unwinding and cleaning the original stator core, then rewinding it with a machine or carefully by hand. It starts with looking at the coil heads for damaged or burned wires, then cutting out the protective rubber coating from damaged coils.

What causes a Harley stator to burn out?

This voltage can be thousands of volts from just a 12 volt circuit. That high voltage spike can punch through the enamel insulation in the stator coils and cause them to short out.

What causes a stator to burn out?

A bad diode in a rectifier will dump AC current into a system. The AC current heats up the stator and the heat destroys the insulation and ultimately carbonizes it turning it into a low resistance brick.

What are signs of a bad stator?

The most common symptoms of a bad motorcycle stator are dimming lights, a weak spark, and a bike that won’t start. There are several causes of bad stators, including water damage, corrosion, and faulty wiring. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to have your stator checked out by a mechanic.

Can a motorcycle stator be rebuilt?

Rick’s manufacturers new and rebuilds custom stators for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, off road, street bikes, & snowmobiles. All rebuilt stators require a core exchange and come with a one year replacement warranty.

How do you fix a bad stator?

Can you repair a stator?

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