How do I redeem my OCBC Robinson points?

How do I redeem my OCBC Robinson points?

Simply log in to internet banking and provide us with your KrisFlyer membership information under the KrisFlyer miles Redemption Registration tab. Thereafter, sign in at OCBC Rewards page to redeem your OCBC$ for KrisFlyer miles.

How do I redeem OCBC Travel$?

Q: How do I redeem my Travel$ for rewards? A: You can easily redeem the gifts you desire by using our Rewards Webpage (, STACK, Internet Banking, Phone Banking or Mobile Banking services.

Does OCBC$ expire?

2.5 (a) All OCBC$ earned will expire on the last day of the 24th calendar month calculated/commencing from the relevant calendar month in which such OCBC$ was earned by a Cardmember from charging a relevant retail purchase transaction to his/her OCBC Card.

How many miles is OCBC$?

The conversion rate for OCBC$ to KrisFlyer miles is 1 OCBC$ : 0.4 KrisFlyer miles.

What is OCBC Titanium Cash?

S$10 OCBC Titanium Rewards Cash. Earn 10x OCBC$ for every S$1 spent online and offline, locally and overseas in these categories: Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Department Stores, Electronics & Gadgets and Babies & Children’s Wear.

What is OCBC voyage cash?

OCBC Voyage Card is excellent for affluent consumers with a shifting travel schedule, who want to earn high miles locally and overseas. Consumers earn 2.2 miles per S$1 spend overseas and 1.3 miles on general local spend, which aligns with similar cards.

How do you qualify for a titanium card?

For example, the Mastercard® Titanium Card™ requirements include having a credit score of Excellent/Very Good and being able to afford the annual fee of $195 ($95 for each Authorized User added to the account).

How do you redeem cash back rewards?

How to Redeem Cash Back Rewards

  1. Receive a statement credit. The cash back gets applied to your credit card’s balance.
  2. Request a check. The issuer sends you a check for your cash back rewards.
  3. Transfer rewards to a bank account.
  4. Use your cash rewards as rewards points.

How do I cancel my OCBC Titanium card?

To cancel your OCBC credit card, you’ll have to call their 24-hour hotline at 1800 363 3333 or, if you are calling from overseas, +65 363 3333. Choose the option to speak with a customer service officer.

Is the OCBC voyage card good?

How much does a titanium card cost?

The Mastercard Titanium card is a heavy, stylish credit card made of stainless steel and carbon that offers 1 point per dollar spent on all purchases and costs a hefty $195 annual fee. Rewards can be redeemed at a value of 2 cents per point for airfare.

Can you turn points into cash?

Once you get the points, you have options. My favorite one, which most banks conveniently don’t advertise, is that you can actually cash out your points in the form of a statement credit or even a direct deposit into your checking account.

When should I redeem points?

“Getting more points for airline miles or hotel points is great,” Huffman says, “but if you aren’t traveling for a while, redeeming your points for cash back to invest, pay off debt or splurge on a fun experience is a better option.”

What happens when you redeem cash rewards?

When you earn a certain amount of cash back, some card issuers will automatically give you a statement credit. Other issuers will allow you to schedule cash transfers to your bank account or send a check when your rewards reach a certain threshold.

Can I use cashback to pay credit card?

For some cards, accumulated reward points can be used towards your next credit card payment. In some cases, redemption options include requesting your reward points as cash payment through a check or direct deposit, which you can then use to pay for your next credit card payment.

Does Cancelling card hurt credit?

A credit card can be canceled without harming your credit score⁠; just remember that paying down credit card balances first (not just the one you’re canceling) is key. Closing a charge card won’t affect your credit history (history is a factor in your overall credit score).

How do I waive OCBC debit card annual fee?

  1. Step 1: Log in with your access code and PIN, fingerprint ID. On mobile app.
  2. Step 2: Navigate to “Request fee waiver” / “Credit card fee waiver” On mobile app.
  3. Step 3: Select the card that you would like to request a waiver for and submit a request. On mobile app.
  4. Step 4: And you’re done! On mobile app.

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