How many touchdowns did Tony Romo throw to Terrell Owens?

How many touchdowns did Tony Romo throw to Terrell Owens?

Owens, after all, ranks among the most accomplished receivers in NFL history. There has so far been no known confrontation between Romo and Owens, who have combined for 33 touchdowns since 2006, the most of any quarterback-receiver tandem in the NFL during that time.

Did Tony Romo play in a Super Bowl?

However, Romo’s reputation was affected by a lack of postseason success, having won only two of the six playoff games he appeared in and never advancing beyond the divisional round. His 97.1 passer rating is the highest among retired players who never appeared in the Super Bowl.

Who was a better receiver Randy Moss or Terrell Owens?

Terrell Owens boasts 1,078 receptions while Randy Moss claims 954. Owens has a few more receiving yards as well with 15,934 compared to Moss’ 14,858. Moss has the slight advantage in yards per reception with 15.6 next to Owens’ 14.9.

Why did Terrell Owens cry?

Owens said the death of a family member and an emotional talk with his pastor, Anthony Gardner, led to his tears. The night before the game, Gardner told Owens he would cry on the sideline and told him to profess his love for God in the news conference following the game.

Who was Terrell Owens favorite QB?

Avg Friend Score

Seasons Quarterback % Correct
(2006-2008) Dallas Tony Romo 94%
(1996-1999) San Francisco Steve Young 89.3%
(2004-2005) Philadelphia Donovann McNabb 81.1%
(1999-2003) San Francisco Jeff Garcia 78.8%

How many Super Bowl games did Tony Romo play in?

CBS. Tony Romo never made the Super Bowl as an NFL quarterback, but the former Dallas Cowboys star has now done a couple as a broadcaster. Sunday night, Romo and Jim Nantz were on the call for Super Bowl LV between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

How many Super Bowl Tony Romo?

Despite holding several records as a quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo never won a super bowl.

Who was better Jerry Rice or Randy Moss?

Was Randy Moss better than Jerry Rice? There’s a reason Moss was willing to throw stats and championships out of his evaluation. Rice bests Moss in multiple significant stats, including receiving yardage, touchdowns, yards per game and Super Bowl rings. It’s tough to try and downplay Rice’s impact.

How many yards did Terrell Owens have in the Super Bowl?

122 yards
Owens was a key weapon in the Eagles’ drive to Super Bowl XXXIX and recorded 9 receptions for 122 yards in a narrow loss to the New England Patriots.

Was Tony Romo a great QB?

Romo has performed like an elite quarterback when he’s had the same essential ingredients that other winning quarterbacks have, like a strong running game and top-notch pass protection. Those elements were more prevalent during Romo’s first few seasons starting, but they’ve been pretty weak over the last four years.

When did Terrell Owens cry?

Of all these reactions, Owens’s was the most emotional. He last cried publicly when the 49ers upset the Green Bay Packers in the 1998 playoffs. He said he “felt” the Cowboys were destined for the Super Bowl, then corrected himself. “Not felt,” he said.

Why did the Cowboys release Terrell Owens?

Jerry Jones released Terrell Owens because he’s having trouble selling his new stadium. Not enough seats and advertising have been sold, so Jerry created a popular controversy to get the Cowboys back in the news. The Terrell Owens Experience had reached the tipping point.

What was Tony Romo’s playoff record?

Tony Romo had a record of 2-4 in the playoffs in his career.

Where does Romo rank all time?

Romo currently has the ninth-best passer rating in league history at 97.3 (all the players currently ahead of him, including Dak Prescott, are still active) and made the Pro Bowl four times throughout his career with Dallas. Like Pearson, he played his entire career with the Cowboys.

Who is the best WR ever?

“Flash 80” is the best WR of all time in NFL history. Jerry Rice has 1549 receptions, 22895 receiving yards, 197 touchdown catches when playing wide receiver. His achievement is still an unbroken record, thanks to his productivity and longevity during 20 NFL seasons.

Who’s the best wide receiver of all time?

Jerry Rice
Jerry Rice is the undisputed No. 1 receiver in NFL history. No other wideout can touch the San Francisco 49ers legend’s career numbers.

Did Terrell Owens play in the Super Bowl with a broken leg?

Conversation. Terrell Owens risked his career by playing in Super Bowl 39 with a broken leg and torn ankle ligament. He caught nine passes for 122 yards. “I’m on half a leg and they can’t stop me.” Happy 46th to one of the greats.

Who broke leg in Super Bowl?

Tim Krumrie
CINCINNATI — Tim Krumrie walked into the restaurant wearing a black Bengals cap and a shirt emblazoned with the logo of the Super Bowl he didn’t finish. His left leg — the one he fractured in three places, in perhaps the grisliest injury in Super Bowl history — is all healed. Of course it is. It has been 33 years.

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