How much is a Chevelle Malibu worth?

How much is a Chevelle Malibu worth?

All-original car with 8,600 actual miles….Detailing.

Vehicle: 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu
Years Produced: 1968–69
Number Produced: 266,400 (1968 Malibu)
Original List Price: $2,918
SCM Valuation: $14,000–$26,000

Was there ever a Chevelle Malibu?

First generation (Chevelle Malibu, 1964) The first Malibu was a top-line subseries of the mid-sized Chevrolet Chevelle from 1964 to 1972.

What year Chevelle is most valuable?

The Rarest 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Ever Built Has Been Hiding for 40 Years. Sold from 1963 to 1977, the Chevelle is one of Chevrolet’s shortest-lived nameplates.

What is the difference between a Chevelle Malibu and a Chevelle?

The Malibu was the higher luxury version, where the Chevelle was more performance geared.

What’s the difference in a Chevelle and a Malibu?

Malibus were 135xx and 136xx. The Malibu was an ‘upscale’ Chevelle much like an Impala or Caprice is an upscale Biscayne. All 69 to 71 SS cars were based on the Malibu but there’s nothing in the VIN or on the trim tag (except Canadian cars) that denote the SS option.

Whats the difference between a Chevelle and a Malibu?

Why is a Chevelle called a Malibu?

In the end only 201 were built, mostly going to VIPs. The Z16 was created to help produce buzz for the upcoming regular production 1966 SS396. Despite these cars commonly being called the Chevelle Z16, the Z16 cars were badged as a “Malibu SS”, and Chevrolet called them the Malibu SS in their literature.

What is a Chevelle Malibu?

The Chevelle Malibu four-door station wagon was available as a nine-passenger or six-passenger model. When Chevrolet introduced the new Chevelle, it was a vehicle marketed to fit between the compact Chevy II Nova and the full-size models, so some dubbed the Chevelle a “senior compact.”

What is the most popular Chevelle?

The 1970-75 Chevelle SS454 The Chevelle Super Sport 454 was officially introduced in 1970 although in 1969, the year the Chevelle was the most popular, there was the COPO and consequently Yenko Chevelle SS as well.

What year is the best looking Chevelle?

From a performance perspective, the 1968–72 contingent was the most appealing sequence of Chevelles ever built. It included not just the famed SS 396 model but the legendary LS6 SS 454, a car that would close out GM’s big-block era with a thunderous exclamation mark.

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