Is Jessica Szohr in the 22 music video?

Is Jessica Szohr in the 22 music video?

Jessica Szohr may be 27 years old, but she hasn’t forgotten what it feels like to be 22. The former Gossip Girl actress recently made a cameo appearance in Taylor Swift’s new music video for her hit track “22” because she said she could relate to her pal’s song.

Are Jessica Szohr and Taylor Swift friends?

Taylor Swift is such good friends with Jessica Szohr that she enlisted the former Gossip Girl star to film a cameo in her music video for “22.” Jessica explained, “We’ve all been through breakups and stuff together.” She also tagged along with Taylor and Hailee Steinfeld on a Memorial Day weekend trip to Rhode Island …

Who was Taylor Swift friends with in 2012?

October 2012: Taylor releases her third album Red. The liner notes include “secret messages,” and for “22,” the message reads, “ASHLEY DIANNA CLAIRE SELENA.” This referred to her squad at the time, which included Selena Gomez, Glee star Dianna Agron, stylist Ashley Avignone, and Claire Winter Kislinger.

Who was in the 22 music video?

Actress Jessica Szohr
Music video As of January 2022, the video has more than 600 million views on YouTube. The music video was shot in Malibu, California. Actress Jessica Szohr cameos.

Who did Ed Westwick date?

Ed Westwick is currently believed to be single. This list of Ed Westwick’s girlfriends includes Jessica Szohr, Phoebe Tonkin, and Drew Barrymore.

What ethnicity is Vanessa from Gossip Girl?

Early life. Szohr was born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. She is of Hungarian and one-quarter African-American ancestry.

Is Taylor Swift friends with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively?

The superstar couple held hands while making their way backstage to Taylor’s premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are certainly the tried-and-true friends one would want in their corner. And Taylor Swift just happens to be the lucky recipient of such an honor!

What Kanye West did to Taylor?

It all began at MTV Video Music Awards, when a 19-year-old Taylor Swift was accepting the Best Female Video award for her love anthem You Belong with Me. While she was giving an adorable acceptance speech, Kanye West jumped up on the stage and grabbed the mic. He interrupted the singer’s speech.

Who Is Ariana’s best friend?

Ariana Grande has teamed up with her best friend Victoria Monet for a new song, ‘Monopoly’, but what do we know about Ari’s BFF and their friendship? Ariana Grande and best friend Victoria Monet have just dropped their new single ‘Monopoly’, where they sing about their friendship, success, and ‘liking women and men’.

Are Taylor and Blake best friends?

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively are the best of friends. Taylor even went so far as to include the names of Blake & Ryan Reynolds’ children in a few of her songs. The family of five even got a shoutout in Taylor’s 2021 Grammy Awards acceptance speech for Album of the Year.

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