What are dependent sources examples?

What are dependent sources examples?

Dependent sources are useful, for example, in modelling the behavior of amplifiers. A bipolar junction transistor can be modelled as a dependent current source whose magnitude depends on the magnitude of the current fed into its controlling base terminal.

How do you identify a dependent source?

A dependent source is a current or voltage source whose value is not fixed (i.e., independent) but rather which depends on some other circuit current or voltage. The general form for the value of a dependent source is Y=kX where X and Y are currents and/or voltages and k is the proportionality factor.

How do you identify independent and dependent sources?

A dependent source could be based on the voltage across a resistor, or even the current flowing through a specific wire, for example, but independent sources produce current/voltage at a specific rate that is only time dependent.

What is a dependent current source?

A dependent source is one whose value depends on some other circuit variable. Voltage-controlled current source, VCCS, and current-controlled current source, CCCS, are types of dependent current sources.

What are the types of dependent and independent sources?

The Independent and Dependent source means, whether the voltage or current sources are either depending upon some other source, or they are acting independently. There are two types of energy source direct sources and alternating sources. The voltage and the current source are the direct sources.

What is ideal dependent source?

An ideal dependent current-controlled voltage source, CCVS, maintains an output voltage equal to some multiplying constant (rho) times a controlling current input generated elsewhere within the connected circuit.

How many types are the dependent sources?

four types
There are four types of dependent sources.

What is the other name of dependent source?

Controlled sources
What is the other name for Dependent sources? Explanation: Dependant sources are also known as Controlled sources as there are controlled by other elements present in the circuit.

What are independent sources?

Independent sources are that which does not depend on any other quantity in the circuit. They are two-terminal devices and has a constant value, i.e. the voltage across the two terminals remains constant irrespective of all circuit conditions.

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