What are Kars4Kids?

What are Kars4Kids?

Kars4Kids programs include educational services, youth mentorship and development, community and family outreach and cultural events. Kars4Kids is a registered nonprofit Jewish organization who, together with Oorah, our sister charity, helps thousands of children.

Does Kars4Kids give you money for your car?

a) The value of your vehicle up to $500. It is up to the donor to determine the fair market value. b) The amount we sell your vehicle for – if it is more than $500. Kars4kids is a classified 501(c)(3) charity organization.

Where does Kars4Kids sell the cars?

Copart Auto Auction
We don’t sell on the private market, although we do sell some boats and RV’s on eBay. Kars4Kids sells the donated vehicles through licensed auctions and vendors that are primarily dealer exclusive to raise proceeds for our programs. The vehicles are mostly sold at Copart Auto Auction.

Which car company donates the most to charity?

Top Car Brands

  • Ford. Car Donations: 12.4 out of every 100 vehicles.
  • Toyota. Car Donations: 11.2 out of every 100 vehicles.
  • Honda. Car Donations: 11.0 out of every 100 vehicles.
  • Chevrolet. Car Donations: 7.3 out of every 100 vehicles.
  • Dodge. Car Donations: 4.9 out of every 100 vehicles.
  • Nissan.
  • Volkswagen.
  • Subaru.

Can you get money for a car that doesn’t run?

Copart Direct makes it easy to sell a vehicle that’s not running. We’ll give you cash for your non-running car, truck, SUV or van in as little as 24 hours! With nearly 200 locations in the United States, and Canada we’ll travel far and wide to pick up your broken car from your home, office or auto repair shop.

What to do with an old car that still runs?

4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Car Besides Selling It Yourself

  • Recycle it. Maybe your old car is a clunker and doesn’t drive anymore.
  • Call a junk removal service. Calling a junk removal service might be an efficient way to get that old car off your hands since they come to you.
  • Donate it to charity. Good news!
  • Trade it in.

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