What are the alcohol restrictions in Cape York?

What are the alcohol restrictions in Cape York?

The maximum amount of alcohol that can be carried per vehicle is: 2 litres of wine (unfortified) and 1 x 30 can carton of any strength beer, or 2 litres of wine (unfortified) and 1 x 24 can carton of premixed spirits of up to 5.5% alcohol/volume.

Can you do Cape York on your own?

Challenging though it might be, contrary to popular belief, Cape York is a trip that is accessible to everyone even four-wheel-driving novices like ourselves. You will certainly learn a lot on the way, and there are plenty of enthusiasts and experts along the way ready to help and share their wisdom with newbies.

Is the tip of Cape York closed?

According to a statement released by the mayor of the Northern Penninsula Area Regional Council (NPARC), Mrs Patricia Yusia, the threatened closure of access to the tip of Cape York will not happen and it will remain open to visitors for the 2021 tourist season.

Can you drive a 2wd to Cape York?

2wd cars do make it to Cape York. If you stick to the most friendly route then they classify it as 4wd recommended, not 4wd only.

Can I take my caravan to Cape York?

How far you can take caravan to Cape York? In general, we don’t recommend taking caravans to the tip of Cape York. But driving to Weipa is not as challenging and the road is 50% sealed. Many people drive to Weipa, leave the caravan there, and go to Cape York in their 4WD only.

Are there crocodiles in Cape York?

Trip tips. Crocodiles are present in many of the waterways and beaches in Cape York and they are potentially dangerous. Never take unnecessary risks in crocodile habitat.

What is the best time to do Cape York?

The dry season, between May and October, is the best time to enjoy Cape York Peninsula. From May to July, maximum temperatures are around 30°C. As the season progresses, the days become hotter and more humid. The peninsula is busiest between June and September, during the ‘cooler’ weather.

Is Cape York road sealed?

As of December 2015, 68.8 km (42.8 mi) of new road has been sealed through the Cape York Region Package. As at June 2019, a total of 173 km (107 mi) will be sealed under the package, leaving only 200 km (124 mi) of 571 km (355 mi) unsealed.

Can I tow a caravan to Cape York?

Both off-road caravans and off-road camper trailers are popular on Cape York, but use some discretion on where you choose to tow them. You’ll see all sorts of trailers on your way up to Cape York, but only those that are looked after and towed carefully make it to the top without any damage or breakdown.

Can I take a camper trailer to Cape York?

Is road to Cape York sealed?

200 km (120 mi) of 571 km (355 mi) from Lakeland to Weipa is currently unsealed road (as of April 2022).

Is it safe to swim in Cape York?

Fortunately our conservation measures are working so always be croc wise and ask for local advice before going near the water. Don’t swim after dusk or early in the morning. Marine stingers have been found throughout the year on local beaches and in the Cooktown harbour. Marine stingers can be fatal.

Can you go swimming at Cape York?

Two of Cape York’s best wild swimming spots are in Jardine River National Park, at the base of the area known simply as The Tip. The delightfully refreshing Fruit Bat and Eliot Falls are both crocodile-free and nothing beats cooling off beneath a waterfall after a long, hot, dusty drive.

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