What is a KaBoat?

What is a KaBoat?

KaBoat is an amazing vessel that is a cross between a kayak and a boat. Introduced through Saturn Inflatable Boats, the KaBoat SK470XL is the 15 foot version of this crossover inflatable boat.

Are Saturn dinghies good?

Saturn Inflatable boats are made of the same quality materials as famous expensive brand name inflatable boats. The workmanship is exactly the same or even better quality then most overpriced brand names that you can buy in retail marine stores.

Where are Saturn Inflatables made?

SATURN Our SATURN boats are made by a major manufacturer of inflatable boats in Korea.

Where are Saturn kayaks made?

Ships from and sold by Saturn Inflatable Boats, Kayaks And Accessories. Campingandkayaking Made in The USA.

Are Saturn boats heat welded?

Our new premium series “Saturn Triton” inflatable boats were created with the intent to provide the absolute highest quality construction using upgraded PVC, heat-welding seam technology, an expanded warranty, and a technical design that rivals the highest end boats in the world.

How long do Saturn inflatable boats last?

Inflatable boats can last anywhere from 2-25 years, primarily depending on the material they are made of, and how they are cared for!

Where are star rafts made?

SOTAR works almost exclusively with urethane and specializes in well made custom boats. Their factory is in Southern Oregon, which is convenient for Oregon and California boaters. Six year warranty. 4.

Can you exceed max hp on a boat?

The maximum horsepower capacity marked on a boat must not exceed the horsepower capacity determined by the computation method discussed in paragraph (a) of this section, or for certain qualifying boats, the performance test method discussed in paragraph (b) of this section.

How long do Hypalon inflatable boats last?

Hypalon (CSM) boats usually last 7-15 years, but can last as many as 20 years. Inflatable boats with extended UV ray exposure will not last as long as boats which are covered or kept indoors in a climate controlled environment.

Are NRS rafts good?

They’re a great value but tend to not be as durable and well made as the American-made rafts. 1. NRS offers a huge variety of boat styles made from a variety of materials. Their warranty is between 1-10 years depending on the material and style of boat.

Are RMR rafts good?

They are very tough, but the toughness comes at the price of weight. Features are good, and the only times most people would be able to know the difference between a RMR and a high dollar boat is when carrying it on land or when carrying a lot of gear. For most typical use on the water they are bomber.

Why is 9.9 HP not 10 hp?

As you may have already noticed, many manufacturers supply 9.9 HP boat motors instead of 10 HP. There are good reasons behind those 9.9 HP motors: Some inland bodies of water have motor restrictions “under 10HP” only. Some states will require boat registration on boats with larger than 10 HP outboard motors.

Can a boat be overpowered?

Boats are not like cars, which can also be overpowered, but in boats it is more delicate because the hull itself has to be capable of utilizing the extra power safety wise and dynamically; there is a point of diminishing returns.

Why do boats have max HP?

The USCG wanted to ensure that manufacturers were not placing an engine(s) that was too large, or too powerful on a boat that may not float or maneuver correctly with an improperly selected engine.

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