What is Briarthorn used for?

What is Briarthorn used for?

The Swiftthistle that can be gathered from Briarthorn is much more valuable because it is used in Swiftness potions, which can go for very high prices at the AH.

Where is the best place to farm Briarthorn?

Best Farming Routes for Briarthorn Stick to the higher-level areas along the edges rather than near the middle of the zone. Briarthorn grows all over Duskwood, but this route around Raven Hill Cemetery, the Vul’Gol Ogre Mound, and the Yorgen Farmstead will get you copious amounts of Briarthorn, plus other herbs.

How do I get Swiftthistle fast?

Swiftthistle cannot be found on a vendor to my knowledge. The best place to find it is by picking briarthorn, it’s a common thing that that herb drops. For horde, a good place to find briarthorn is in the barrens. It’s scattered all over the place, but I found a good place to start looking is in the field of giants.

Where can I find Briarthorn Classic?

Briarthorn can often be found near quilboar settlements and at the base of trees in level 10-25 zones. Rarely, Swiftthistle can be harvested along when gathering briarthorn.

Where can I find Mageroyal?

This object can be found in Silverpine Forest (82), Loch Modan (72), Westfall (71), Darkshore (65), Redridge Mountains (64), Wetlands (55), Ashenvale (47), Duskwood (36), Teldrassil (36), Stonetalon Mountains (29), Hillsbrad Foothills (26), and Durotar (21).

What is Liferoot used for?

Life root has been traditionally used to hasten labor and reduce labor pain in childbirth. It has also been used to treat a wide range of illnesses, from cough to hemorrhage. However, use of the plant is not recommended due to its toxic and possibly carcinogenic properties.

What level is herbalism for Briarthorn?

Azeroth Herbs

Herb Node Skill Level
Orange Green
Briarthorn 70 120
Stranglekelp 85 135
Bruiseweed 100 150

Where can I find Briarthorn TBC?

This object can be found in Duskwood (94), Silverpine Forest (87), Redridge Mountains (83), Westfall (82), Hillsbrad Foothills (78), Wetlands (75), Ashenvale (70), Loch Modan (64), Darkshore (54), Stonetalon Mountains (51), Bloodmyst Isle (2), Ghostlands , and Razorfen Kraul .

What drops Swiftthistle?

Swiftthistle is not gathered in independent nodes, but instead piggybacks on Briarthorn and Mageroyal. It is also rarely dropped by a number of mobs.

Where can I farm Bruiseweed?

A good place to farm bruiseweed is in the Ruins of Zul’Kunda in northern stranglethorn vale.

What is Mageroyal used for?

Mageroyal is an herb that can be gathered by those with herbalism, or bought in limited quantities from selected vendors. Requires 50 herbalism to gather. Mageroyal seems to be edible as it is used in the recipe for Delicious Chocolate Cake.

What level can you pick Liferoot?

Liferoot is an herb that can be gathered by herbalists. Requires 150 herbalism to gather.

Where can I train 300 Herbalism?

Leveling 230 – 300 Herbalism

  • Azshara: Run circuits around the Forlorn Ridge.
  • The Hinterlands: Run circuits along the main path that leads through this zone.
  • Feralas: Run circuits from the Ruins of Ravenwind in the northwest to the High Wilderness in the south.
  • Felwood: Run complete circuits of this zone.

Where can I farm Mageroyal TBC?

Best zones to farm Mageroyal:

  • The Barrens.
  • Silverpine forest.
  • Redridge Mountains.
  • Loch Modan.

What level should I pick Bruiseweed?

Requires Herbing 100 or Higher to pick.

Where can I farm Stranglekelp?

The single best place to farm Stranglekelp is Thousand Needles, they are literally all over the place underwater and the only aggressive mob you will find are the Remora Scroungers.

Is Herbalism good in TBC?

Herbalism allows you to gather various plants and herbs throughout the world. These herbs are used for a variety of different uses such as creating both flasks and potions from Alchemy. Herbalism can be a great profession for farming gold through raw materials.

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