What is danger close for a 60mm mortar?

What is danger close for a 60mm mortar?

within 600 meters
FA and mortars—Danger-close target is within 600 meters of friendly troops.

What is the range of a 60mm mortar?

The 60mm mortar has a maximum range of 3,490 meters, he said. That means the target could be out of sight, so a forward observer maintains visibility of the target.

How much does a 60mm mortar weight?

M224 60mm Light Mortar Gary’s U.S. Infantry Weapons Reference Guide

Complete System
Crew 3
Caliber 2.4 in (60 mm)
Weight 46.5 lb (21.1 kg) Conventional Mode 18.0 lb (8.2 kg) Handheld Mode

How far can field artillery fire?

Modern artillery has also advanced to rapidly deployable wheeled and tracked vehicles and precision delivered munitions capable of striking targets at ranges between 15 and 300 kilometers.

How accurate is a 60 mm mortar?

The company also offers 60mm and 81mm Mortar Anti-Personnel Anti-Material munitions, which is says deliver up to 100% greater lethality than conventional mortar bombs.

Does US Army still use 60mm mortar?

The M224 60 mm Lightweight Company Mortar System (LWCMS) is a smooth bore, muzzle-loading, high-angle-of-fire mortar used for close-in support of ground troops. It was deployed extensively in the War in Afghanistan by the United States military….

M224 mortar
Barrel length 1 meter (3.3 feet)
Crew 3
Caliber 60 mm (2.4 in)

How far could a ww2 mortar shoot?

2,500 yards
By World War II, it could fire as many as 30 bombs per minute and had a range of over 2,500 yards (2,300 m) with some shell types.

How accurate is field artillery?

Modern artillery consists of increasingly sophisticated and integrated technology platforms. From mortars to howitzers, these GPS-guided systems are designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy at ranges of up to 30 kilometres.

Do SEALs use mortars?

During these four days, the 12 SEALs learned how to prepare and fire a mortar, calculate fire direction, centering techniques, calling for fire – everything normally taught in a 45-day course was condensed into this short period to enhance the SEALs mission capabilities.

Could a mortar take out a tank?

The 0.23-to-0.47-inch (5.8 to 11.9 mm) thick armor generally prevented penetration by small arms fire and shell fragments. However, even a near miss from field artillery or an impact from a mortar HE round could easily disable or destroy the tank: if the fuel tank was ruptured, it could incinerate the tank’s crew.

Does the US Army still use mortars?

The Army uses three variants of 120 mm mortar systems. The two mounted variants are the M121 120 mm mortar, used on the M1064A3 and XM1287 Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) Mortar Carriers and the 120 mm Recoiling Mortar System, used on the M1129 and M1252 Stryker Mortar Carriers.

How far can Russian artillery shoot?

Russia also has access to a large number of other artillery systems: 9A52-4 “Tornado” MLRS: up to 90km range. BM-30 “Smerch” MLRS: 70 to 90km range. 2S7 “Pion” 203mm heavy artillery: 37,5 to 55km range.

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