What is the ExtJS method to define a class?

What is the ExtJS method to define a class?

As per the syntax of Ext. define, the first parameter ‘Student’ is class name. The second parameter is a JavaScript object which contains name and getName(), and the third parameter (optional) is callback function which will be called after ‘Student’ class is created. So this way you can create custom class in Ext JS.

Is ExtJS outdated?

For being over a decade old, Ext JS is still a good platform to develop many enterprise-grade (think intranet) applications.

What are the advantages of using ExtJS?


  • ExtJS is like a superset of the widgets like simple label, textBox buttons to complex grids, drag-drop panel s etc.
  • It has quite good documentation with tutorials, samples and user community.
  • Active and currently most adopted javascript RIA framework.
  • Good code quality/readability.

Which method is called whenever the method Settitle is called in Extjs?

The applyName() method will be called whenever you set the value of name config using setName() method.

How do you define Ext?

Ext. is the written abbreviation for extension when it is used to refer to a particular phone number.

What is proxy in ExtJS?

In ExtJs have store proxy and also Ajax request you can use both. Proxies are used by Ext. data. Store to handle the loading and saving of Ext. data.

Which is the root class of all class created with ext define?

The root of all classes created with Ext. define. Ext. Base is the building block of all Ext classes.

What is Ext all js file?

ext. js contains the core functionality needed to run an application, while ext-all. js contains all of the framework code. The first one will require your components to correctly use the requires and uses config properties to organize your code dependencies properly.

What is ext name example?

Parse Definition

Name (with Family Name Extension)
Example 1 Dr. Mario Rossi Jr., architetto architetto
Example 2 Input Output
Dott.ssa Maria Rossi in Foà Dott.ssa

What is the root class of all class created with ext define?

How do I know my Ext JS version?

getVersion(). version; Or you can look in the ext-all-debug. js and check the version number at the top of the script.

What is sencha Ext JS?

ExtJS stands for Extended JavaScript. It is a JavaScript framework and a product of Sencha, based on YUI (Yahoo User Interface). It is basically a desktop application development platform with modern UI. This tutorial gives a complete understanding of Ext JS.

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