What is the use of Jobberman?

What is the use of Jobberman?

What is Jobberman? Jobberman is West Africa’s No. 1 jobs website. We help employers fill their vacancies quickly and cost-effectively by giving them access to the most relevant pool of qualified job-seekers.

Who is the founder of Jobberman?


Type Private
Founders Olalekan Olude Ayodeji Adewunmi Opeyemi Awoyemi
Headquarters Lagos, Nigeria, Ghana
Key people Oreoluwa Boboye, CEO
Website jobberman.com

Is Jobberman free?

Jobberman is the only recruitment services platform in Nigeria that offers free training and placement of candidates in dignified work.

Does Jobberman have an app?

Some of the new and exciting features of the Jobberman app include: Access to Thousands of Jobs: Search for thousands of job listings and find the right one matched to your location, experience, skills and job role.

How do I get certified in Jobberman?


  1. Click Link for WhatsApp.
  2. Check your WhatsApp for the Jobberman Soft Skills Bots.
  3. Register by following the prompts.
  4. Start the course!
  5. Interact with the media to start learning.
  6. Answer Assessment questions by following the prompts.
  7. Complete your Final Assessment.
  8. Get Certified.

How does Jobberman make money?

How does Jobberman.com make money? Providing enormous value for people is one of the most guaranteed ways to make money on the internet. Jobberman.com provides such a valuable free service that many of the people who use it are willing to pay for the premium (paid) services.

How much is Jobberman worth?

What is the value of jobberman.com currently? People have different variation, but based on what we see, our capital based is worth $12million now.

What is Jobberman soft skills about?

Soft skills are non-technical skills that indicate your ability to work and grow within a company. Soft skills demonstrate that you understand the different characteristics that will help you succeed within an organization and your specific position.

How do I become a certified Jobberman?

How do I apply to Jobberman?

Once you have found a job that matches your preferred requirements, simply click “Apply Now” to submit your application for the jobs. It is important to note that the application form uses your saved account details, so ensure you have verified your phone number and email address before applying for a job.

How do I write a CV for Jobberman?

The CV Writing Format

  1. Personal Details. This section consists of your name, address, age (not be compulsory), phone number, email.
  2. Work Experience. Start with your most recent job role.
  3. Education. Always start with the most recent educational qualification.
  4. Interests and Abilities.
  5. References.

What is Jobberman training?

Founded in 2009, Jobberman is an online platform that provides training and placement for job seekers and the best selection of candidates for companies hiring. It is the single largest job placement website in sub-Saharan Africa.

How can I make extra money in Nigeria?

10 Awesome Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria (2020)

  1. Publish Books Online.
  2. Sell Designs & Creatives Online.
  3. List on Property Websites.
  4. Start a Blog or a Vlog.
  5. Sell on E-commerce Websites.
  6. Affiliate Marketing.
  7. Offer Professional Services Online.
  8. Become a Virtual Tutor.

How much of your salary should you save in Nigeria?

You don’t have to save a large chunk of your salary every month. Set a realistic target of about 15% or more if you are comfortable. If you earn N100,000 monthly and you save N15,000 monthly, this would be N180,000 at the end of the year and N1. 8 million at the end of 10 years.

How can I get job in Nigeria without connection?

Step By Step Process to Get A Job in Nigeria Without Connection

  1. Reflect on your skills.
  2. Update your resume regularly.
  3. Plan your career path.
  4. Set your career goals.
  5. Explore and improve your skills.
  6. Prepare your CV.
  7. Prepare for Job Interviews.
  8. Know how to negotiate Salary.

How can a fresh graduate write a CV in Nigeria?

How to write a good CV for fresh graduate in Nigeria?

  1. Make it short and interesting. Don’t make it more than two pages – nobody will want to read that.
  2. Organize. Divide the CV, so it has headings and subheadings.
  3. Design.
  4. Prioritize.
  5. Watch your language.
  6. Be easy to connect with.
  7. Work experience.
  8. Knowledge of industry.

How can I make 2k a day?

So, without much ado, let’s look at some of the many ways you can earn at least 2k Naira daily as a student in Nigeria.

  1. Freelance On Fiverr.
  2. Sell On Jiji.
  3. Loan Affiliate Marketing.
  4. Job Hunt On Twitter.
  5. Resell Mobile Data.
  6. Start A Paid WhatsApp Class.
  7. Create And Sell Instagram Accounts.
  8. Become A Digital Marketer.

How can I save 30000 a month?

For example, if someone earns Rs 1 lakh per month, then he/she should save at least Rs 30,000 per month….

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