When was Gardasil recalled?

When was Gardasil recalled?

On December 16, 2013 CDC was informed by Merck that the company planned to implement a voluntary recall of one lot (lot J007354) of Gardasil [Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent (types 6, 11, 16, and 18) Vaccine, Recombinant], due to the potential for a small number of vials to contain glass particles as a result of …

Why did they discontinue the Gardasil vaccine?

They cited a lack of adequate long-term testing of the vaccine, unproven efficacy and disturbing news of adverse side effects such as neurological disorders.

Can you sue Gardasil?

In May 2022, a group of lawyers filed a motion to ask federal judges to centralize all Gardasil vaccine injury lawsuits into one federal court — in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL), similar to a class action. There were at least 34 Gardasil lawsuits pending in 25 district courts nationwide.

Can the HPV vaccine cause long term chronic conditions?

HPV Vaccine Side Effects The most common serious side effects of HPV vaccination are dizziness and fainting. There is no evidence that HPV vaccines lead to infertility or autoimmune diseases, although these are common myths.

Why is HPV vaccine not mandatory?

HPV vaccine does not meet the high threshold for mandating. HPV is spread by intimate sexual contact and therefore is not an epidemic infectious disease among school-aged children.

What was the problem with the Gardasil vaccine?

The FDA and the CDC have received reports of 71 deaths of people who got the vaccine and, on examining them, found no pattern. They looked specifically at the terrible neurological disease called Guillain-Barré Syndrome, because it’s known that a swine flu shot given in the 1970s caused it.

Is Gardasil discontinued?

While the other two vaccines—the original Gardasil and Cervarix—are still used around the world, both have been voluntarily discontinued in the United States (for reasons other than those related to safety or efficacy).

Is Gardasil a live vaccine?

The vaccine does not contain any live virus, or even killed virus or DNA from the virus, so it cannot cause cancer or other HPV-related illnesses. When the vaccine is given, the body makes antibodies in response to the protein to clear it from the body.

Who should not get HPV vaccine?

HPV vaccination is not recommended for everyone older than age 26 years. Some adults age 27 through 45 years who were not already vaccinated might choose to get HPV vaccine after speaking with their doctor about their risk for new HPV infections and possible benefits of vaccination for them.

How much aluminum is in a Gardasil 9?

The quadrivalent vaccine of Gardasil (Merck) contains a simple adjuvant of aluminum hydroxide (225 mg). The nonavalent vaccine contains twice the concentration of adjuvant (500 mg of Aluminum)(Gee et al.

Does military get HPV vaccine?

While the HPV vaccine is not mandatory for U.S. military servicemembers, each service has implemented policies that encourage members and beneficiaries to receive the vaccine. The vaccine has the potential to eliminate or dramatically reduce the incidence of several cancers.

What are the adverse effects of HPV vaccine?

HPV vaccines can cause pain, swelling, and redness where the shot was given, as well as headaches, tiredness, and nausea. The most common serious side effects of HPV vaccination are dizziness and fainting.

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