Which country is best in education India or Pakistan?

Which country is best in education India or Pakistan?

STAT India Pakistan
Primary completion rate 90 Ranked 71st. 43% more than Pakistan 63 Ranked 100th.
Education enrolment by level > Tertiary level 11.3 million Ranked 3rd. 28 times more than Pakistan 401,056 Ranked 41st.
Elementary (primary school) > Duration 5 Ranked 169th. The same as Pakistan 5 Ranked 173th.

Is Pakistan good for education?

Progress of any country depends upon its literacy rate and quality of education in that country. Therefore, it is the key priorities of nations. The Pakistani education system is one of the oldest in the world. They boast of having one of the most extensive and effective curricula in all of Asia.

What is the rank of Pakistan in education system?

The World Economic Forum calculates 130 countries in the world for human capital report 2017. In that list Pakistan stands 125th worse Education system. From south Asian countries only Sri Lanka comes in top 100 list, and the number of sri lanka is 70th and nepal rank stands 98 and India is on 103 rank.

Is Pakistan more literate than India?

India’s youth literacy rate is 90.20%, with a male to female ratio of 92.90%–87.20%, which is higher than Pakistan’s literacy rate. Similarly, the youth literacy rate of Bangladesh is 68%, with males at 75% and females at 78%. In Nepal, the youth literacy rate is 61%, with males at 89% and females at 78%.

Is Pakistan education system tough?

Pakistan has been ranked 50, with an overall score of 9.2 by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a British ranking agency. Despite the government’s claims to have invested billions in the country’s education system, Pakistan secured the lowest ranking of the fifty countries included in the list.

What is the rank of India in education?

India stands at 33rd rank according to the 2020 survey. Although it is sad to see India not even in the top 10 list, there is a progressive growth in education in India. In 2018, it stood at 40th rank and in 2019 it stood at 35th.

What is 1st year called in Pakistan?

The education system in Pakistan is generally divided into six levels: preschool (for the age from 3 to 5 years), primary (grades one through five), middle (grades six through eight), high (grades nine and ten, leading to the Secondary School Certificate or SSC), intermediate (grades eleven and twelve, leading to a …

What are Pakistan schools like?

Elementary education is five years in length (grades 1 to 5), followed by three years of middle school (grades 6 to 8), and four years of secondary education, divided into two years of lower-secondary and two years of upper-secondary education (5+3+2+2).

What is grade type Pakistan?

70 % to 79 % marks. 595 to 679 marks. Excellent. B. 60 % to 69 % marks.

Which is the biggest school in Asia?

Coordinates: 8°31′32.98″N 76°56′13.11″E St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School is a primary and secondary school in Thiruvananthapuram, India. It is founded in 1940 by Archbishop Geevarghese Mar Ivanios. It is considered one of the largest schools in Asia, with the total number of students exceeding 14,000.

Is Indian education system good?

India already has the world’s largest higher education system with over 1000 universities and its presence in the global education arena will ensure that it reaches newer heights, making education in India one of the best things for its school going children and its youth population.


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