Which version of Shirou Emiya is the strongest?

Which version of Shirou Emiya is the strongest?

UBW Archer as Counter Guardian is the strongest. Second is the one who can project Excalibur without costing all/most of his mana. Third is post-UBW future Shirou who has inherited most of Archer’s powers.

Is Shirou Emiya in Fate Apocrypha?

Shirou also makes minor appearances in the novel Fate/Apocrypha, in which his hometown was not destroyed by the fire of the Fourth Holy Grail War. He, along with other characters from Type-Moon, appears in the 2011 anime Carnival Phantasm.

Is Shirou Emiya and shirou Kotomine the same?

Background. Shirou Kotomine’s history is similar yet different from the Shirou of Fate/Stay Night. Unlike his Fate/stay night counterpart, Shirou Kotomine was adopted by Kirei Kotomine after he had been saved from the corrupted grail by Kiritsugu Emiya.

Can Shirou still use Ubw?

Yes, there are a lot of narrative symbolisms with Shirou invoking Archer’s UBW, such as possibly accepting Archer’s fate as his own, inheriting Archer’s favor, etc., but the hard facts don’t seem to line up.

Why did Shirou’s hair turn white?

Hair color change seems to be just a sign of magicraft overuse and isn’t specifically tied to EMIYA creating his own magic circuit (and seeing as Shirou learns not to do that in just about every route of FSN, assuming that any incarnation of EMIYA does is silly.)

Why is kirei Kotomine evil?

Even with his accomplishments Kirei never felt satisfaction on it, as, unknown to everyone, he was born defective, possessing a warped mind since birth. Despite his best efforts, Kirei couldn’t enjoy what other people found to be happiness, instead finding himself drawn to negative emotions like the pain of others.

Why did Shirou skin get darker?

He do it all the time, which exposed his body internally to a great amount of mana. This mana destroyed his hair pigmentation, making them white, and burn his cells, tanning him.

How old is Shirou BNA?

With that, it can be assumed that Shirou is physically around his early to mid twenties, the age range being 19-25.

Does Kiritsugu love Maiya or irisviel?

Iri was a homunculus born to be a grail vessel yet she was loved by Kiritsugu and she loved him in return. She was not supposed to see herself as a human or be a mother but because of Kiritsugu she became one.

Is Ilya Kiritsugu daughter?

Illya is the main character of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. She is the daughter of Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel von Einzbern and resides in Japan with two maids, Sella and Leysritt, and her foster brother, Shirou Emiya, whom she has a crush on.

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