Who starred in the whistleblower?

Who starred in the whistleblower?

The Whistleblower is an Indian web series written and directed by Manoj Pillai. It stars Ritwik Bhowmik, Ankita Sharma, Sachin Khedekar, Ridhi Khakhar, Ashish Verma and Ravi Kishan. The series is produced by Studio NEXT.

How many parts are in whistleblower web series?

Written by Ajay Monga and Shivang Monga and directed by Manoj Pillai, the nine-episode series is out on SonyLIV. The SonyLIV series The Whistleblower shares with Randeep Jha’s movie Halahal the same subject matter and one of its key actors.

How many episodes in the Whistleblower 2021?

nine episodes
The web series is available in multiple languages – including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam – on the SonyLIV app, and was released on 16 December, exclusively on SonyLIV. It consisted of nine episodes….The Whistleblower (web series)

The Whistleblower
Original release 16 December 2021

Is whistleblower a true story?

The Whistleblower is based on the experiences of Kathryn Bolkovac, an American police officer who in 1999 was assigned to serve as a peacekeeper with the United Nations in post-war Bosnia. While there, she reportedly discovered a sex-trafficking ring which served and was facilitated by other peacekeepers.

Will there be Season 2 of the whistleblower?

Whistleblower begins its second season investigating the real-life David vs. Goliath stories of heroic people who put everything on the line to stop illegal and often dangerous wrongdoing when major corporations or individuals rip off the government and U.S. taxpayers.

Is the Whistleblower worth watching?

The Whistleblower is definitely worth watching, recommends Namrata Thakker. After Scam 1992, SonyLIV returns with yet another real-life, inspired story, which is equally engrossing and entertaining.

Will there be season 2 of the whistleblower?

Is the Whistleblower 2021 a true story?

Written by Ajay Monga and directed by Manoj Pillai, The Whistleblower had caused quite a stir when its teaser was released. Reason? It is based on the true events of the infamous Vyapam examination scam of 2013, which had made us question the entire education system and its pillars.

Who was whistleblower in Vyapam case?

Many senior personnel including Justice Bhushan who heads the Special Investigative team and Indian doctors including Anand Rai (the whistle blower in this case) are of the opinion that the Vyapam scam was functional since the 1990s when they themselves took their medical exams.

Who is whistleblower in Vyapam?

whistleblower Dr. Anand Rai
Anand Rai is being brought to Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh police arrested Vyapam scam whistleblower Dr. Anand Rai in Delhi early on Friday in connection with a case filed by an officer posted in the State Chief Minister’s Secretariat here, an official said.

What is the movie whistleblower about?

American policewoman Kathryn Bolkovac is sent to post-war Bosnia as a peacekeeper. When she discovers corruption and crime within her own organisation, she faces a challenge to expose the culprits.The Whistleblower / Film synopsis

What is the meaning of Vyapam?

VYAPAM stands for Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal. It is the acronym for the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB). It is an autonomous and self-financed body incorporated by the state government of Madhya Pradesh. VYAPAM is responsible for conducting a wide range of professional entrance tests and exams.

Do whistleblowers get paid?

The whistleblower may receive a reward of 10 percent to 30 percent of what the government recovers, if the SEC recovers more than $1 million. The SEC may increase the whistleblower award based on many factors, such as: How important the information that the whistleblower provided was to the enforcement action.

Who was the first whistleblower?

The first act of the Continental Congress in favor of what later came to be called whistleblowing came in the 1777-8 case of Samuel Shaw and Richard Marven. The two seamen accused Commander in Chief of the Continental Navy Esek Hopkins of torturing British prisoners of war.

What did they do to Raya in whistleblower?

In The Whistleblower, a Ukrainian teenager, Raya, is sold into slavery by her uncle, who had promised her and her friend jobs in a hotel.

What is the full form of MPEB?

Acronym. Definition. MPEB. Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board (India)

Who was the main accused in Vyapam case?

FOUR ACCUSED CONVICTED IN VYAPAM SCAM After conducting an investigation, the CBI filed its chargesheet against Pushpendra Singh Jadon, O.K.Yadav, Manoj Singh Kushwaha and Shrinivas Singhal for their involvement in the crime.

How much is a whistleblower case worth?

The mathematical average of the total recoveries (settlements and judgments) for this time period is approximately $3.3 million, with an average whistleblower award of $562,000.

Who will verify the identity of the whistleblower?

The Ombudsperson shall, on receipt of the complaint, arrange to verify the identity of the whistle Blower. ii. Proper record will be kept of all disclosures received. The action against each disclosure will be also noted and put up to the Reviewing Authority within 07 days from the receipt of complaint.

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