Why is my Internet Explorer opening multiple windows?

Why is my Internet Explorer opening multiple windows?

If Internet Explorer opens multiple tabs when you start the browser, multiple URLs have likely been saved in the Home Pages field in the Internet Options settings. You may have visited a site that added the URLs, or your computer may be infected with malware.

How do I stop Windows Explorer opening multiple windows?

To fix this issue, follow the steps given by Justin except if ‘open in same window’ is already selected, select ‘open in new window’. Click Ok. Open the same Folder settings window and select ‘open in same window’ and click Ok. That should fix the issue.

How do I fix multiple browsers opening?

How to Fix Multiple Browser Pages Opening Up

  1. Open a session in your preferred browser and close all but one window.
  2. Click your browser’s “Tools” button, also located at the top of the screen, and select “Options.” The menu should close and a separate box with a series of clickable tabs should open.

How do I stop Internet Explorer from opening new tabs automatically?

The Solution

  1. Open. Internet Explorer.
  2. Select. Tools from the menu bar.
  3. Click. Internet Options.
  4. Click. the Advanced tab.
  5. Uncheck. Reuse Windows For Launching Shortcuts (under Browsing).
  6. Click. OK.

How do I stop Internet Explorer from opening a new window?

In the Control Panel window, click the AutoPlay. In the pop-up window, uncheck the option Use AutoPlay for all media and devices. Or you can also change the settings for Removable drive to Take no action. Then click Save to confirm the changes.

How do I fix File Explorer opening by itself?

Fix 3: Remove AutoPlay to Fix File Explorer Keeps Opening by Itself. AutoPlay can also cause the randomly opening of Files explorer. Whenever you connect a new drive such as HDD, SSD, or even USB drive to your system, AutoPlay undoes the File explorer. It undoes the linked device data in File Explorer that is okay.

How do I stop multiple folders opening in a new window?

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  1. Open file explorer, click on view and select options.
  2. Double-click on options, in the general tab click on Open each folder in the same Window.
  3. Click apply and ok.

Why is my PC opening multiple windows?

Browsers opening multiple tabs automatically is often due to malware or adware. Therefore, scanning for adware with Malwarebytes can often fix browsers opening tabs automatically. Run the application. Click the Scan button to check for adware, browser hijackers, and PUPs.

How do I stop File Explorer from closing?

Try resetting the File Explorer settings to defaults and see if that helps.

  1. Press Windows + E key to open File Explorer.
  2. Now click on View and click on Options.
  3. On the Folder Options window click on Restore Defaults.
  4. Now click on View tab and click on Restore Defaults.

Why is my browser opening multiple tabs automatically?

The cause is either in Chrome’s settings or extensions. Go to the On startup section and it will be set to Open a specific page or set of pages. Any number of pages can be set here and each one will be opened in its own tab when Chrome is started.

Why does my File Explorer keep opening new Windows?

In general, File Explorer keeps opening results from the following causes. There is something wrong with the file explorer, or the file explorer is crashing. The system files have missing or corrupted. AutoPlay is turned on and it is by default selected to open File Explorer to show the contents of your external drive.

Why is File Explorer opening by itself?

Restart File Explorer. The issue that File Explorer keeps opening on its own is usually caused by the misbehavior of software on its own. So, in order to fix this problem, you can try restarting File Explorer. Usually, when there is a problem with the program or the application, restarting it is able to fix the problem …

Why does File Explorer keep opening new windows?

Incorrect Folder Options Settings In the Folder Options window, check settings responsible for browsing folders. Make sure you have the first option selected if you want Windows Explorer not to open up a separate windows every time. That’s it if the route cause was in incorrect settings.

When I open my browser multiple tabs open?

Why do I have multiple of the same processes running?

This is pretty normal as processes takes time to end on task manager after you exit on the program. As for the multiple processes on each application, it is actually normal. Programs run 1 process per tab, extensions and GPU processes.

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