Can anyone join the Legion?

Can anyone join the Legion?

The organization belongs to the people it serves and the communities in which it thrives. If you have served at least one day of active military duty since December 7, 1941 and were honorably discharged or you are still serving active military duty honorably, you are eligible for membership with The American Legion.

Is American Legion legitimate?

AMERICAN LEGION is a 501(c)(19) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 1946, and donations may or may not be tax-deductible.

Is the American Legion political?

The American Legion values its independence and effectiveness on veterans’ issues. This stance is best maintained by neutrality on all individual candidates or political parties. The American Legion, by legal definition, is non-partisan and supports “or opposes as necessary” only issues which impact the Four Pillars.

What are the four pillars of the American Legion?

The American Legion was founded on four pillars: Americanism, Children and Youth, National Security, and Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation.

What does it cost to join the Legion?

You can join the Legion online at Online membership is $49.99 per year, and you do not have to be a Veteran to join.

Is The American Legion worth joining?

The American Legion is the nation’s most influential, effective and dependable advocate of veteran affairs fighting for better active-duty pay, improved housing for active-duty families and helping to ensure that the VA’s medical system can properly care for veterans.

What does American Legion stand for?

The words American Legion tie the whole together for truth, remembrance, constancy, honor, service, veterans affairs and rehabilitation, children and youth, loyalty, and Americanism.”

What does the American Legion believe?

We believe in a strong America – an America that has the economic and military might to keep democracy alive here at home and overseas. WE BELIEVE IN KEEPING FAITH WITH OUR FALLEN COMRADES.

How are American Legions numbered?

In the first years of the Legion, when a flood of applications for initial post charters came in, posts in many departments were assigned a number based on when they turned in their application – thus the first applying post in each department would have been named Post 1.

Why can’t you wear a hat in a legion?

The prohibition of hats in a Legion is based on military tradition. It is said that in an armed forces mess all ranks are equal. By not allowing hats, officers would be indistinguishable from ordinary ranks.

How much are legion dues?

1. You can join the Legion online at Online membership is $49.99 per year, and you do not have to be a Veteran to join.

Do you have to be a vet to join the Legion?

What are the benefits of being a member of The American Legion?

BENEFIT ASSISTANCE – The American Legion helps all veterans obtain full medical, career and education benefits, as well as assistance in preparing VA claims applications.

How does American Legion make money?

Contrary to popular belief, The American Legion receives no money or grants from the federal government. Our service programs are sustained by contributions such as yours.

Is there a death benefit for American Legion members?

Burial benefits available include a gravesite in any of the 131 national cem- eteries with available space, opening and closing of the grave, perpetual care, a government headstone or marker, a burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate, at no cost to the family .

What pins are allowed on American Legion cover?

Therfore, the Cap being the most visible sign of a Legionnaire is to be treated with dignity and respect. The Legion Cap will remain free of all pins, patches and devices on the emblem side of the cap. The Emblem side contains the Post number and Location, nothing else is permitted.